Why wait – use the new forårstøj already now

There is still some time for, it will be spring and summer. But if you can’t wait to get started in the season’s emerging trends, there is no reason to wait. You can easily combine the new forårstøj with your winter clothes and already now get the first feeling of spring, at least what attire is concerned.

here you will get a bid of beautiful peaks, which you can use under cardigans or a blazer with pants or skirt. Do you use skirt can you emphasise the spring even more by letting your tights to match one of the colors in the PCB on bodice.


Shirt with yellow flowers, up to size 52, 499 DKK, Violeta by Mango

upper, up to size 52, ca. 196 USD + shipping, Marks & Spencer

Pink shirt, up to size 54, Bon’a Parte 349.95 KR.,

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Among other things, dresses and skirts: Leap out with flowers

DENIM Without collar, up to size 52, ca. 297 USD + shipping, GAP

Shirt, up to size 54, 399.95 $., Juna rose

placket, up to size 50, ca. 593 USD + shipping, Booth

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Among other things, dresses and jackets: True blue

HIPPIE Peasant shirt, up to size 54, 499 USD + shipping, Deluca with Charlot and me

Black/White, up to size 54/56, 702.90 USD + shipping, Voluptuous with Navabi

Blue, up to size 54, 259.95 DKK, Juna rose

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Among other things, dresses, skirts and pants: Hippie trip


HEAT with Jeans up to size 54, Bon’a Parte

262.46 DKK

Pants, up to size 54, ca. 372 USD + shipping, GAP

Cardigan in 100 percent cashmere, up to size 52, ca. 795 USD + shipping, Mars & Spencer

Skirt, up to size 54, 549 kr + evt. freight, carmakoma

If you are in doubt ABOUT the FOREIGN STØRRELER? Check out our sizing guide