Idaho History

Idaho History

Idaho is a state in the United States that was admitted as the 43rd state of the United States on July 3, 1890. Idaho has approx. 1.5 million residents, and the state capital is Boise.

According to ehangzhou, Idaho borders the states of Washington, Oregon, Nevada, Utah, Montana and Wyoming. The state’s international border with the Canadian province of British Columbia is 77 km long.

Idaho has some of the most unspoiled natural areas in the United States. It is a state on the Rocky Mountains with many natural resources and landmarks. Idaho has snow-capped mountain ranges, rapids, calm lakes and steep canyons.

Idaho has two time zones that are shared with Canada and Nevada.


1743 – Pierre De la Verendyre finds the Rocky Mountains. He was also the first European to come to North Dakota and the Upper Missouri River.

1805 – Captains Lewis and Clark discover Idaho at Lemhi Pass on August 12, crossing the Bitterroot Range on their way to the coast. Read about their expedition here.

1806 – Lewis and Clark spent over 6 weeks with the Nez Pece Indians in the Kamiah area before continuing east across the Lolop Pass.

1810 – Fort Henry, the first American trading post, is established.

1831 – Rocky Mountain Fur Company, led by Kit Carson, overwinters at the Salmon River.

1837 – First school for Native American children, opens in Lapwai.

1843 – SA gains the rights to Idaho. Subsequently, parts of the present state became part of the territories of Oregon, Washington, and Dakota until the territory of Idaho, which encompassed most of present-day Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming, was formed in 1863. The Oregon Trail was used by settlers who traveled with wagons to the northwestern and western United States to settle.

1848 – A Catholic mission is established at the Coeur d ‘Alene by the Jesuits. The mission is the oldest building in Idaho. See more here.

1849 – Over 20,000 immigrants to join the gold rush came through southern Idaho on the California Trail.

1852 – Gold is found on the Pend Oreille River.

1854 – 21 immigrants are massacred in the Boise valley by the Snake River Indians. See a list of Native American massacres here.

1855 – Mormons settle in eastern Idaho and build Fort Lemhi.

1858 – Mormons decide to irrigate the farm, angering the Bannock Indians. They attacked Fort Lemhi, killing two and driving the rest back to Utah.

1860 – The Mormons, led by Thomas S. Smart, returned on April 14 and established the first permanent organized communities in Franklin, Idaho’s oldest city north of the Utah border.

1863 – The Bear River Massacre, possibly the largest massacre of the Shoshone Indians by the United States.

1865 – Boise becomes the capital.

1877 – Battle of Camas Creek is started by the Nez Pece Indians, who attack a US military camp, where the Indians defeat three companies and continue their escape from the military. And here.

1878 – The Bannock War, an armed conflict between the U.S. military and Bannock and the Paiute Warriors in southern Idaho and northern Nevada, lasts from June to August.

1890 – Idaho becomes the 43rd state of the United States.

1897 – The Bitterroot Forest Reserve is established to protect bison.

1910 – The largest two-day forest fire to date in U.S. history engulfs one-sixth of Idaho’s forests (3 million barrels), killing 87, and destroying many communities. Read more here.

1924 – Craters of the Moon National Monument is established on May 2. The area is known for its strange but beautiful appearance, as the area covers three large lava fields over 1000 km 2. See more photos here.

1937 – In an attempt to build a natural swimming pool in Soda Springs on November 30, they were surprised when a geyser of water shot 30 meters into the air. It then became the new attraction instead.

1942 – Japanese-Americans are placed in a detention camp in Hunt. And here. See pictures here.

1949 – National Reactor Testing Station is established in eastern Idaho between Arco and Idaho Falls and Blackfoot. In 1955, Arco became the first city to be illuminated by nuclear power.

1959 – Human habitation, possibly up to 14,500 years old, is found in Idaho. Excavations at the cave Wilson Butte Cave near Twin Falls led to the discovery of traces of human activity, incl. arrowheads, which are among the oldest-dated found objects in North America. Native Americans, who were predominant in the area, included i.a. Nez Perce to the north and Shoshone to the south.

1961 – January 3 at the National Reactor Testing Station, at an experimental reactor named SL-1, was destroyed when a control rod was pulled too fast out of the reactor, creating a steam explosion that killed three of the military personnel working there.. They were buried in coffins.

On July 2, the most influential writer of the century, Ernest Hemingway, 61, died at his home in Ketchum, after shooting himself after prolonged depressions.

1972 – On the morning of May 2, a fire broke out in the Sunshine mine, killing 91 workers; 83 were rescued, 81 on the day itself, and 2 more on May 9th.

1976 – On June 5, the Teton Dam collapses, killing 11 and forcing 30,000 to flee.

1980 – Northern Idaho is covered by volcanic ash from Mount St. Helens in Washington, which erupted on May 18th. See pictures here and here. Read about the history of the mountain here. 18 hours of riots in Idaho State Jail ran up a $ 2 million bill. In prison, the prisoners had killed 30 inmates, but surprisingly, no guards had fallen victim!

1983 – An earthquake in the Lost River Valley kills two and costs millions of dollars in damage.

1989 – Forest fires burn thousands of acres of land in south central Idaho. Read here. See pictures here.

1992 – Another forest fire causes $ 3.2 million in damage; one of the worst fires in Idaho’s history.

1994 – A forest fire burns about 750,000 acres of land…

1996 – Northern Idaho is hit by huge floods. Read more here.

2000 – About 559,183 barrels of land were engulfed by the forest fire.

2001 – 24 counties were declared drought-stricken.

2005 – Nez Pece Water Agreement ratified; the tribe received the right to 50,000 barrels of Clearwater River, and $ 80 million in cash.

2009 – Idaho has more forest fires than any other state, over 1.5 million acres of land destroyed.

2010 – Nine missionary Baptists from Idaho were arrested for kidnapping as they tried to rescue 33 children from the disaster area after the earthquake in Haiti. They were later released.

2011 – Oscar Hernandez, from Idaho, was arrested on suspicion of shooting at the White House in an attempt to hit President Obama or his staff. He pleaded guilty in 2014.

Idaho History