Internet Always with You: Sailing in Mobility for €19 If You Have ADSL Vodafone

Vodafone It continues to drive its fixed ADSL without limits with new options that allow you to follow navigating on your computer from outside House with included in the pack ADSL usb modem.

Until now, the only way to navigate in mobility with the pack ADSL usb modem was paying daily rate of 2.90 euros per day of use but from the 10th of June, Vodafone will launch the new option”Internet always with you”that will allow changing the daily rate for a monthly rate with 50% discount on its regular price.

Así, Internet always with you aims to unify all fixed and mobile connections in a single monthly fee of between 49 and 59 euros/month that will be adding one of the modalities of ADSL with Surf Plus that will reduce its share of 39 to 19.10 euros per month and keep the conditions of unlimited traffic with speed limited to 128 kbps from 4 GB/month to only be limited in the case of network saturation.

The option Internet always with you with browse Plus will be advisable for those who surfing in mobility more than 6 days a month and you can change is free of charge by the daily rate as often as the customer needs it.

Good news especially now that nears the summer and many are raised to qualify for a mobile data rate for a short time and without being tied to a permanence.

But it is also good news for those who want to have all in a single invoice Since with the promotion of fixed free, 58 euros per month (VAT included) will have paid the maintenance of the line sets, DSL 6 Mbps at home, 1000 free minutes to landlines from the House fixed, 1000 free minutes from your mobile to any national destination evenings (or 24 hours a day but only at Vodafone) and now , if you also want 3 G internet will be 22 euros more (VAT included).

Also looming new changes in the rates for mobile internet that can improve data options for the computer Vodafone.