Japanese luminaries: 63 Models to Give an Oriental Touch

by | November 28, 2017

Check out the selection of different models of Japanese luminaries in different environments.

Japanese luminaries or lanterns have striking features – diffused and more intimate lighting, are usually made of rice paper and have a spherical shape.They combine with most indoor environments like living rooms, washrooms, bedrooms, kitchens and lobby, as well as on special occasions such as children’s parties, weddings and more.Whether for a more sober decor or for a more playful and entertaining theme, there are options for all tastes.

The size options are large and it is common to have several luminaries in the same environment – creatively, you can make combinations of sizes and colors in different locations of the same place.Regarding the colors, there is a huge variety of models with prints and designs that suit any situation.

One of the advantages of using the Japanese luminaire is that it is cheap.Found in department stores and decoration, we can change the face of the environment by spending little, in a practical way.

63 inspirations of Japanese luminaires in various environments

Picture 1 – The luminaires with drawings guarantee an incredible effect in the external area.

This balcony has a unique and cozy style because of its accessories.The lamp was personalized to compose with the colors of the decoration!

Picture 2 – It is a perfect option for a tall right foot.

For a large or high-ceilinged environment, look for large domes to form a proportional composition.

Picture 3 – Make a mix of Japanese lanterns for a baby room.

The baby room should be playful and charming, so an arrangement of these lamps in different shapes, colors and patterns is a great request.

Picture 4 – They promote a soft and diffused lighting in the environment.

Use it as a main bedroom lighting, leaving the general light of the room softer and more intimate because of its paper dome.

Picture 5 – A set of Japanese lamps promote a ludic experience.

Picture 6 – The colored lamps are perfect to give the touch of color in the environment.

Picture 7 – Leave your living room with an oriental climate.

Picture 8 – It can even match the industrial style.

Its classic model, made of white paper is the most versatile, fitting in various environments and styles.

Picture 9 – A composition with soft colors leaves the environment even more cozy.

Buy several flashlights equipment and make an arrangement to amplify the look.It is worth remembering that the bulbs must be low voltage so as not to overload the wiring.

Picture 10 – Give the special touch in the decoration of your balcony.

You can opt for this type of lighting for a special occasion or leave it standing in your yard.You will be impressed by the effect these lamps create!

Picture 11 – Japanese lantern with origamis.

Image 12 – Degraded with Japanese lanterns.

To escape the monochrome, it is worth investing in lanterns with different shades.

Picture 13 – Baby room with Japanese lanterns.

Image 14 – Mobile with Japanese-style lamps.

Smaller lanterns are great ideas for aerial decor.

Picture 15 – Living room with red Japanese lamp.

Picture 16 – They can be the main illumination of an environment.

Picture 17 – Japanese pendant for dining table.

Place a pendant lamp in the pendant above the dining room table.

Picture 18 – Japanese lamps in format of animals / animals.

If you have children at home, bet on this decoration!They look beautiful and fun and are sure to please everyone.They can be found ready in the market and positioned at different heights to make all the animals visible.

Picture 19 – Make a composition with different heights.

Image 20 – Clean room with Japanese lamp.

Picture 21 – Table lamp with Japanese lamps.

Image 22 – Balcony with Japanese lamps.

For small balconies, invest in elements that stand out in the visual. As in this example: the colored luminaire positioned in the center, as well as the small luminaires in wire format. Change any environment decor and add personality!

Picture 23 – Give a fun touch on the environment!

To take the seriousness of the environment, bet on this model with poas.By being neutral it does not interfere in the style of the decoration.

Picture 24 – Let it be the centerpiece of the environment.

Image 25 – Japanese pendant lamp for the bedside table.

Image 26 – Hang the lamps in the tree and leave the corner cozier.

Leave your garden more charming with lamps hanging from the branches.Hold it forming a balanced composition, without regret to one side more than another.

Image 27 – Japanese lamp in globe format.

Picture 28 – Leave the most playful air at a pool party.

Picture 29 – Colorful wedding decoration with Japanese lamps.

It is common to see in outdoor party decor, several of them hanging in wooden structures at different heights.The effect is beautiful and highlights the environment even more.

Image 30 – Japanese luminaire with oval shape.

Picture 31 – Match the colors and prints to a children’s room.

Picture 32 – Create a playful effect in the bedroom!

Image 33 – Double room with low bed and Japanese lamps.

Image 34 – Modern room with composition of Japanese lamps.

The Japanese lamp is one of the most versatile and simple elements to use, since its delicacy adapts to the most different decorative styles.

Image 35 – Arrangement of colored Japanese lamps.

It is important to be attentive in the choice of colors, whether it is softer or more vibrant, the composition must accompany the proposal of the space that will receive this item, as well as the desired illumination.

Picture 36 – A simple item that makes all the difference in the decoration.

Image 37 – Single room with Japanese lamp.

Picture 38 – Decoration B & B with Japanese lamp.

Image 39 – Japanese lamp with poa.

If you do not find this luminaire model on the market, you can customize it with some black circles glued to the white flashlight.

Picture 40 – For extensive dining table, make a way with Japanese lamps.

Picture 41 – The Japanese lanterns are great to be customized, there are several possibilities for interventions.

Be creative when decorating white fixtures with collages, applications, paint, crepe paper fringes, glitter, paper circles, paper and everything you have right! The secret is to leave them in the style of your home.

Image 42 – Let tropical weather come into your house.

Image 43 – Overlapping, they form a vertical lamp.

Image 44 – Living room with oriental style.

Picture 45 – The lanterns give an incredible atmosphere to the decoration.

Get away from the classic by making an arrangement with a set of various fixtures, a creative way that can bring a bit of dynamism to space.

Image 46 – Combine the Japanese lantern with the rest of the decor.

Japanese luminaires are always a great alternative when you want to add a touch of personality to the environment.

Picture 47 – Example that combines several lamps next to the bed.

Try to group them vertically to create a different effect.

Picture 48 – In an environment with a totally Asian proposal, could not miss a lamp.

Image 49 – Washer with oriental style.

Picture 50 – The lamps with origami format arrived as a modern and updated proposal.

With a more sophisticated design, formed by lines and a unique geometry, they take style and balance in the environment. The most indicated is to use it in an isolated way, for having a more striking design.

Image 51 – Origami lamp with foliage pattern.

Image 52 – Large Japanese lamp model.

Picture 53 – They can also be used in any type of party!

In addition to home decor, they also fit any party proposal. So if you already have a set of these pieces, try to increase it either in the home décor or on a special occasion.

Image 54 – Japanese luminaires with different sizes, colors and textures.

The interesting thing is to mix sizes, colors and formats when decorating the environment.

Image 55 – Room with Japanese lamp.

Image 56 – Luminaire style origami.

Image 57 – Different sizes take style to the environment.

Image 58 – Double room with Japanese lamps.

Image 59 – When using more than one luminaire, position them at different heights.

Image 60 – Different model with small Japanese luminaires fastened on wire.

In this proposal the lanterns perform a discreet function. They stand on the sideboard to give more charm to a composition already full of information. The lanterns, in thread version, value this passageway. You can repeat the idea on your dresser by leaving the lamp just resting on the top.

Picture 61 – They are the darlings in the decoration of children’s rooms.

Image 62 – Different model made with rigid material.

Image 63 – A pendant lamp option in a minimalist environment.