Jeans-battle: Skinny vs. gauge

by | October 4, 2016

When Ha and Momme should choose jeans, they look in their direction. Momme swear to skinny jeans, which gives the feeling that her Ha ben Withers. Conversely, feel Momme, that she looks like a short in cash, when she breastfed donning a pair of jeans with wide legs

in the legs.

Skinny jeans are my guilty pleasure number one when it comes to clothes. Because if I look completely objectively on my body, it’s not the kind of pants that create a balance between my upper and lower body. So should I have a hold of jeans with bootcut. Such a pair I’ve got of Kristine. I’ve had them at a time. Completely objectively, I can well see that the balance in my overall appearance. But when I writings objectivity out with emotions, so I think that I look like a little short in breastfed cash when I have pants on with gauge in the legs. And it is a really good example of that attire in the end always is about, that we should feel mentally comfortable in our clothes.

gives me the feeling of longer legs
I freely admit that my very first pair of skinny jeans was bought, while I’m still covered my stomach and my ass with loose robes. Since I’ve switched my tents out over time with both shorter and more body close clothes, I have gone through a phase where I was contemplating whether I should switch to jeans with another fit.
But I ended up sticking to my skinny jeans simply because they give me the feeling that I have longer legs than it in fact is the case. But even if it’s just a feeling and not a fact, makes it good for my self-image, which ultimately means that I go out into the world with a little rankere back and a smile on your face when I am wearing my skinny jeans.

A very usable trousers
For me it is also a very useful trousers skinny jeans, because it’s so easy to style in many different ways. I will never go to a party in a few random everyday pants. But added a top with sequins or a transparent shirt, giving the skinny jeans me a perfect feeling of rock’n ‘ roll, which is perfect for a dance party or a night at the beer bar.
As you can see in the picture, can also easily be styled skinny jeans in a more classical way. This outfit, I don’t consider myself a moment to clothe myself to a customer meeting.

Jeans model Sanna, extra slim fit, up to size 54, 699.95 DKK, Zizzi

For a couple of years ago i went into Zizzi, because I thought that I had to jump on the skinny jeans-wave. I reached the button to get the pants closed around the waist, I get anxiety filled screamed to the clerk that she was going to pull the pants of me when my legs were about to fade. So we have shown had ruled my relationship with jeans with narrow legs. It’s not me.
Thus not said that my jeans should not sit to – as the delicious, dark blue jeans on the image here does. They must show my buttocks and my hips forward, but from the knees down, they should go straight down with a little distance. It is namely to balance my big bosom, so my clothes gives me a harmonious shape.
It is different, what average is called with the different brands, so experiment. Bootcut is a bit wider than the ones I have on above, but has the same effect – the highlights the feminine forms. As long as they sit at the top, in other words.
For it is important that you pay attention to steer clear of the jeans, which have wide legs all the way up – so called boyfriend-jeans or wide leg. The only thing they do by you to sculpt your lower body into a broad, masculine square. Which is, of course, saves your body away, instead of highlighting the fine curves.

Jeans on the feminine way
I’m not a distinctly jeanspige. Perhaps because I have had a hard time believing that I could be feminine because I am thick. But after I’ve got the belief that I am super feminine, I’ve had a hard time finding jeans. Simply because I think they often gives me a slightly masculine appearance. But jeans with wide legs in the legs has become my salvation. And so it is that I styler them feminine — as here, with ballerinas, a slightly embellished top and a super waisted blazer. It’s a look that I both can have on when I’m out with customers, but also for a dinner.
To get the real feminine look, so it is good with a little stretch in jeansstoffet – it gets the pants to sit so well around the abdomen and thighs, and they must therefore have a high waist that keeps the stomach inside. This model sits perfectly on me, and I really feel that there is ‘ track of the forms ‘, without that it looks like ‘ mom jeans ‘. Hurray!

Jeans model Nille, slim fit, up to size 56, 499.95 USD + shipping, Zizzi

They showed jeans is part of the Zizzis new jeanskoncept NOOS, which stands for Never Out Of Stock. This means in short that NOOS-jeans can always be obtained at short notice in the shops. NOOS collection consists of the models Nille with high waist and Sanna with medium/low waist. They are available with fit regular, slim and extra mucus in the colors black, dark blue, black and blue coated denim.

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