Ju Paes, Cleo Pires and Famous with Their Black Jackets

For Rosângela Espinossi

In recent weeks, some famous chose to go out for a walk or to events with a piece that can not miss in the wardrobe of any woman in tune: the black jacket. Is leather or fabrics that resemble the texture of the material, the piece is an investment, not an expense.

Goes well with cool looks or with more sophisticated. Is great with jeans and a t-shirt or with a basic black dress. With long trousers or skirts. Juliana Paes, Yasmin Brunet, Cleo Pires and Wanessa Camargo are some of that bet in play Joker. Check with them and stay with some tips on how to use the black jacket at the Mall, when traveling or at a party, and then click HERE to see other famous with the piece.

Juliana Paes went shopping at the mall with the infallible black leather jacket, Perfecto model, with studs on the handles and on the top of the sleeves. To complete, white t-shirt, jeans and black high boots.

#Ficaadica1: The folded pants bar is modern, but if you have short legs, avoid the appeal not to flatten them. The effect can be powered with the boot crew socks.

For travel, the choice of basic and comfortable clothing is essential and Yasmin Brunet knows it. She also chose white t-shirt, jeans, black boots and a black jacket with studs to compose your travel look. The jacket is in a good time, just below the waist, which ensures harmony.

#Ficaadica2: The jeans, high waist, are ideal to model the silhouette, as possible prevent the flab shows.

The singer Wanessa Camargo made a bet in total, with black pants and leather jacket, t-shirt and escarpim with a half-foot. The look was great in Wanessa, that’s short.

#Ficaadica3: Monochromatic looks, no matter the color, always help to elongate the silhouette, because there is no visual interruption. The singer opted for superalto jump yet, to enhance that effect.

Cleo Pires has opted for the black jacket that runs some of perfecto. The actress comes a little frown on the line of the front zipper, giving a differentiated in the traditional model.

#Ficaadica4: The Perfecto jacket was created in 1928, by brothers Scott, in a collection for bikers clothes indestructible. Marlon Brando, with the film “the wild one” (1953) motorcycle and James Dean, with “Youth Robin” (1955) spread the model around the world.

Photos: Reproduction.

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