Dear Santa Claus, Camilla wants it. ..

there isn’t much spontaneity of my wishlist. Every desire is carefully chosen based on the fact that it must be able to give a boost to what I already have in my wardrobe.

This is also the explanation on my wish-list, with a few exceptions are gone in black. Simply because the black clothing is so stylish that it without problems can be mixed with the clothes I have in advance and at the same time, be used for both everyday and festive depending on styling. ¨

On the way, just a single fulfilled desire come to

make a big difference.

My mother gave me earlier in the year a permanent bracelet in gold, as I have been really happy to use. That is why I want me a bracelet in silver that can match my necklaces in the material. I am in the course of the year have been really happy to go with big necklaces for both weekdays and parties. Therefore I missing a pair of small earrings, because I think it will be too much of a good thing, when I have both big necklace, and earrings that hang. And so, I must admit that there actually is a spontaneous desire on my ticket – I missing not this necklace, it just makes me so happy in the lid, and it will be perfect for the dark blue jeans further down in the article.

Silver bracelet, 475 us $. Shamanic, East West

Earrings, 500 DKK, Julie Sandlau

necklace, approx. 172 USD + shipping, New Look

For many years i have been in doubt whether leather now also was something for me. In order not to burn too much money on a flop, I’ve tested it more raw look with skirts in satin. Now I have come there to, where it more raw look feels like home for me. That is why I am ready to go all in and invest in the real and more thus more expensive item.

Skirt, up to size 54, 1199.95 DKK, Juna rose

Pants up to size 52, 1299 USD + shipping, Ellös Collection

These would also have gotten the title could Go to pieces. The dress is easy to throw over his head on the way out the door to both client meetings and celebration. The jacket should be my alternative to a blazer and can easily with a large necklace going to a party. In short, I just missing a pair of dark blue jeans to the collection. The dark blue jeans are for me a more classic alternative to light jeans and button so hard in the expression as black jeans.

Black dress, up to size 52, ca. 410 DKK GAP

jacket up to size 54, 377.97 DKK, Bon’a Parte

Jeans up to size 56, 599.95 USD + shipping, Zizzi

Just because a Jersey in kashmir will be the ultimate luxury for the long dark winter evenings on the sofa.

Sweater in cashmere, up to size 52, ca. 832 USD + shipping, Marks & Spencer


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