Karlovac County, Croatia

Karlovac County, Croatia

According to constructmaterials, Karlovac County is located in the lively region of central Croatia. This county extends in the further course in a south-westerly position from Zagreb. The city Karlovac is the center of the county.

Karlovac County Geography

Slovenia is a direct neighbor of Karlovac and thus also of the entire county. This country borders directly on the county in the north of the region. The south of Karlovac County lies directly on Bosnia-Herzegovina. In total, this part of Croatia extends over an area of ​​3,622 square kilometers. Around 141,790 people live here.

Karlovac County was divided into 17 parishes and five cities.

Culture and cultural life in Karlovac County

There are a few ethnic groups that differ from each other in the county. Nevertheless, almost all groups of people living here can be seen in a kind of relationship to one another. The Croatians make up the largest proportion of the population. Around 84.27 percent of the people of Croatian origin live here. The Serbs make up the second largest share and still lag far behind with 11 percent. The remainder is shared by Bosniaks, Slovenes and Albanians.

In the past few years the number of Serbs in this county will have increased somewhat. Because the wave of return migration of former Serbian refugees is causing an increase in the Serbian population in Karlovac County. The Serbian people who were expelled and fled during the war are now returning to their original homeland.

Tourism in Karlovac County

The strip in which the Karlovac County is located is also known as the corridor that connects the interior with the coastal region. For this reason, numerous vacationers and tourists come to this region. The landscapes offer the best conditions for extensive and, above all, extensive tourism. Bike tours, hikes on foot and riding tours are particularly popular here. For the younger and active vacationers there is now a wide range of different leisure activities. These include shooting paintball, quad biking and archery. For everyone who would like to be just as active, hunting and Photo safari the right thing. For the quieter fellows and those who like to be at the sea, fishing might be the right activity and diversion.

For children and the young at heart there is the fairy tale route through the Karlovac County. This is a lovingly designed round trip through different fairy tales of the region. In winter, Karlovac County is particularly popular with skiers and young snowboarders. The winter tourism in the County of Karlovac can almost with Switzerland or Austria measure. Nevertheless, the impressive landscapes between the solid interior and the coastal area are a unique mixture that you should definitely see as a holidaymaker as soon as you are in the vicinity of the Karlovac County. Even who is here for a business trip will immediately feel a bit like being on vacation. The cuisine of the region is also highly recommended, which aims to pamper the guests’ palates with a variety of dishes and very spicy dishes. In addition, one usually drinks wine or homemade fruit schnapps.

Karlovac County, Croatia