Body types: Guide to timeglassest

by | November 13, 2016

When you know your body type, you can carry your attire work targeted to balance the body’s proportions. Here you get the wizard to help you with an hourglass shaped body can work with to highlight your feminine waist.

Hourglass sets characteristics
The hips and shoulders are the same width
Defined waist
Big bosom

Hourglass sets challenges
Even if you are by nature have feminine forms, you can still get to see very maskinlin out, since your body easily comes ten to see square off, if you do not highlight your waist.

it should work with the hourglass
You must, above all, focus on the fact that your feminie forms do not disappear in clothes without incisions, which get your fine forms to drown and you look great, heavy and square. You need to work with to show your tajle, then highlight your natural forms.

of parts – go after
Firgursyede tops that highlight your waist. You can take advantage of both deep and wide halsudskræinger.
Remember a good bra that truly supports and elevates your bossom. It helps to accentuate your waist further.

of parts – avoid
Avoid tops that just goes straight up and down. It skuljer your waist, and makes you look square and masculine.
You must also pay attention to sidestep over parts that have many details, such as ruffles, across the bust, so you’re not going to seem bigger than you really are. Avoid also of parts with high neck that hides your kavler time. They will also make you look more square out.

of parts-General
You should be aware that you prevent your bossom, is going to look for violent out. Therefore, you must avoid sleeves, who connected on her arm out of your bossom and tops with details such as ruffles across the bust.

Pants – go after
Go for pants with high waist. That reaches all the way up over your rounds and hips and ass and attaches itself to the body, so they do not yawn. Busker with straight leg or bootcut is really good at, because they create the illusion of hourglass, to the lower of your legs is as width as your hips and thus creating balance in your


Pants – avoid
Pants with low waist, as they will yawn behind on, since they do not reach all the way up over your round hips and ass.
Skinny jeans are also not the best to the hourglass, as it will cause your curvy body to look like something that balances on two thin sticks and thus create imbalance in the overall allure.

Skirts – go after
The hourglass is the body shape that can carry pencil skirt, because your waist and bust gives the body forms that balances with a skirt that goes in at the knees. Skirts in the a-form is also really good for you, if you put them together with a tight uppers.

Skirts – avoid
When you get the best out of your body shape by emphasizing your forms, you must avoid skirts that go straight up and down. They will get the lower part of your body to look like a box.

Pay close attention to the length. The shapes on your upper body ideal position along with the rest of your body, if your skirt ends just below the knee.

Think Marilyn Monroe, think pinups from the 1950s. Dresses with tight top, incision around the waist and wide legs in skirt is the perfect dress to emphasize your sexy forms.

Advantages of the hourglass
The hourglass is by nature fitted with the well-defined waist, as all other women crave to have.

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Illustrations: Bettina Momme Lohman