Leak: New Sony Smartphone Almost Frameless?

by | July 27, 2017

At the CES in Las Vegas Sony gave itself in terms of new developments rather modestly.According to various reports, the company is working on a big bang for the upcoming MWC in Barcelona, ​​which will take place in February. The rumored kitchen is bustling and shows already smart pictures of a smartphone that could belong to the future Xperia C family.

A rumor comes not by chance in the ideal case. What the bloggers suspect, Sony could again a really good model raushauen, are the pictures, which are currently on the net the round. In the photos is a smartphone with very thin side edges, which remind a little of the Xperia C5, which has been available for some time. The power button should be round again. A fingerprint sensor therefore does not appear to be used in this model either. Whether Sony with this model a real flagship would like to present or not, we can not derive from it, but the current big players of the industry renounce only in the fewest cases. The model shown in the pictures could therefore be aimed at the middle class.

Good Middle Class With Full HD?

Exactly the size of the model is not, of course, but measured by the pictures it will be a phable. The rumors are all in a range of a maximum of 5.5 inches, which confirms our assumption. Down there is also a lot of room. Less than a display resolution in full-HD will probably no longer exist, so we can be relatively safe. The processor will also move in the middle class, but as I said: all speculation.

Sony never had the smartphones with large, in-house press events. Since the MWC would be just right to present a new model. Pricey, Sony will probably have to orientate itself very much to the competition. Because Huawei subsidiary Honor or also OnePlus have in the recent past medium-class smartphones at excellent prices published. If the Japanese company wants to keep up with it, it would have to deviate from the flagship prices. Unless, Sony comes once again with an excellent camera as last in the Xperia Z5 around the corner, the great strength of the group. This would probably sell a special extra good.

Whether and what Sony shakes at the MWC in Barcelona from the sleeve, remains for the time being a little secret. We are eager to keep you up to date. Read more at electronicsmatter.com.