Learn How to Organize a Break-in Lingerie Tea!

The lingerie tea is already a traditional super party among friends of the bride. Bringing the class together for games and earning intimate pieces can be a fun-filled event. But for tea to be successful, you need to pay attention to some details. To help you make an impeccable event, we have prepared a list of indispensable items to organize a break-in lingerie tea!

The Place

The place is one of the easiest spots on the tea planning list. After all, there are many options for you to choose the space according to your preference. Think about it: is your house large and comfortably accommodates all your guests? Or does your friend live in a condo with a great party room? Place is not going to miss! The most important thing is that you are free to enjoy lingerie tea.

Event Decoration

The idea is to let the imagination roll to create a very interesting theme of the party. If you prefer, you can choose a pharmacylib to standardize the event or choose to choose one or two colors to create a pleasant environment. Think of a fun decor to make tea pictures amazing.

Decorate the space with heart-shaped balloons and create arrangements for the tables. If you want to save money on the preparations for the party, you can improvise on the decorative items in the tea. For example, how about using bottles like vases?

Use creativity and have a party without spending a fortune on the decor!

What To Serve?

Sandwiches, canapés and savory are a great option to serve during tea. You can prepare a table with these foods and leave petisqueiras with peanuts on the tables.

The candy cant be separated and have treats like cupcake brigadiers, gum candy, erotic cookies , marshmallow, and of course, do not forget the cake, which can take the lingerie theme to get more fun.

The drinks are based on the preference of the guests and the bride. Noting that it is very important not to forget to include non-alcoholic beverages in the buffet, such as water and juices. It’s not everyone who likes a drink!


Invitations can be related to the theme to make your tea more charming. It is worth mentioning that some lingerie stores give free invitations to parties with a certain amount of people. Making invitations in the form of panties or corselets is a very creative idea for your guests to enter the mood of excitement before even the tea. See more templates for your party here.

About Me

Nothing better than the girlfriends of the bride, who know her well, choose the games of the event. Erotic games are very common in lingerie teas. Like the hot potato sensual, in which are placed several intimate items in a box, such as panties, whip, among others. The box circulates from one to another and when the music stops, the guest with the”hot potato” has to use the piece until the end of the tea.

To rock the party, hire artists like Drag Queens. The animation will be guaranteed. Belly dancing or massage classes are also a good choice to entertain your guests during tea.

Already at the time of opening the presents, an idea is the bride try to discover the color of the intimate piece. If you make a mistake, you will have to pay a penalty. But if you hit it is your friend who stays in the skirt fair.