LG G2 Vs Soil Cement, Who Will Win?

The guys at Android Authority have just published their traditional drop test the Smartphone to the ground and this time they made with the new and powerful LG G2.

This terminal has a design with buttons on the back cover that also displays a curved finish and mounted a display of 5.2 inch In addition to the SoC FullHD Snapdragon 800. Now, what such will be with the ground?

On this occasion the smartphone overcomes a first fall with your smartphone horizontally with fairly good note however in the second fall, vertical, all the smartphone relies on one of the corners and simply pop the front glass and part of the screen leaving it K.O..

It is true that the Smartphones today are almost all screen, previous generation this has remained practically the same physical size but size has expanded, and this implies a minor framework that sometimes also dimming, to some extent, falls.

Before that nothing we want to highlight that these tests they are somewhat random Since a fall of the terminal from an approximate height and releasing it by hand has many free variables that can make mobile fall in any way to the ground. Why don’t we encourage at any time you forget to drop the phone, finally and after are not designed for this purpose.