LG Has Only Sold 2 Million LGs G2 Compared to 10 Million Expected

The company LG had left clear predictions of sale on your LG G2 terminal, expected to reach 10 million terminals in what remained of the year and it seems that sale to date figures are quite far from that number.

As we read in DigiTimes the South Korean company could have sold to date more than 2 million units worldwide and that difference comes clearly influenced by Nexus 5, with whom he shares many features and is considerably more economical.

Nexus 5 also comes with Android 4.4 series, while LG G2 is still ticking way official Android Jelly Bean 4.2. You can take a look at the analysis of both terminals (LG G2 analysis and analysis Nexus 5) to see differences.

Taking into account that LG is also the manufacturer of Nexus 5 It is more than likely the company to leave you accounts, something that we will see in the results of the next fiscal quarter, but it is expected the company to take a differential leap with its next flagship, LG G3, which could reach the market in the second half of 2014.

In the same article of DIGITIMES We read also that HTC and Huawei have sale figures worse than expected with HTC One and Ascend P6, both good terminals within two ranges. So it could be done two readings each less encouraging. Are we coming to saturate the market? Sales of smartphones are slowing down?.