Lika-Senj County, Croatia

Lika-Senj County, Croatia

Tourists who like to come to the Republic of Croatia travel in order to spend their holidays and vacations there, know the Lika-Senj County for sure. According to commit4fitness, it is one of the most popular holiday areas in the Republic of Croatia and is located in the northwest.

The area along the northern Adriatic to the west to the border with Bosnia-Herzegovina is one of the scenic most varied areas of the republic.

The entire southern part of the coast of Croatia is in the Lika-Senj County. Senj is the cultural and economic center of the county. Grosnic is also in great demand, as is the administrative center of Lika-Senj County. In addition to the city of Senj, the island of Pag and the region around Lika are also the areas that are most frequented by tourists.

Culture and ethnic groups of Lika-Senj County

The Lika-Senj County covers a total area of ​​5,350 square kilometers and has only 53,677 residents. This makes Lika-Senj County the most sparsely populated region of all Croatian counties.

Around 86.15 percent of citizens of Croatian origin live in Lika-Senj County. The Serbs have the second largest proportion of the population, although they are represented with only 11.54 percent. However, the number of the Serbian population is steadily increasing. This is particularly due to the fact that the wave of re-emigration of former war refugees and displaced Serbian families has started for several years.

Numerous Serbs are streaming back into the country and thus also into the Lika-Senj County.

The remaining proportion of the population are made up of the Albanians, Bosniaks and other ethnic groups, which, however, are less than 0.95 percent in terms of their percentage and make up a clear minority.

The Lika-Senj County was divided into 8 municipalities and 4 cities.

The Lika-Senj County as a holiday area

Lika-Senj County is a classic place for a relaxing vacation. Tourist traffic is particularly high in the Senj region. Most of the travelers come to the Lika-Senj County from June to August.

As the oldest city in the Adriatic region, the city of Senj has culturally and historically interesting material that provides variety in the holiday program.

The fortress Nehaj is particularly worth seeing. This is one of the landmarks of the city of Senj and at the same time its most famous monument.

There is a lot on offer for tourists in the region of the county. At the sea you can book all kinds of water sports from diving, snorkeling to boat trips. In the streets there are numerous smaller and larger shops with excellent shopping opportunities. By the way, haggling and bargaining is the order of the day here.

Anyone who does not negotiate the price with the seller is immediately exposed as a tourist and pays significantly more than he could have saved. Together with the Lika-Senj County, Senj is one of the most important tourist regions and cities in the entire Mediterranean region of the Republic of Croatia.

The sea ​​route, which today is also used for shipping and the usual transport route for export and import goods, was already a route used by the Romans. They called the pass from Vinodol Valley and Rijeka via Split and Dalmatia Salt Road. The hinterland is considered a historical area and was one of the sections of the historical Josephina. It was already used in Roman times.

Lika-Senj County, Croatia