Lorenzetti Extends Line Acqua Ultra with Acqua Duo Version

by | November 2, 2017

Before purchase, arises the question: shower or shower? In the family, the woman prefers to shower, to avoid wetting the hair, while the man, with a large proportion spreader. For everyone to be satisfied with a comfortable and relaxing bath, the Lorenzetti complements the Acqua Ultra line with Acqua Duo, featuring shower and shower in a single product. Based on the concept of functional design, i.e. uniting sophistication and practicality in use, the Acqua Duo has sophisticated finish, composed of square lines in compact format, similar to cold showers.

Versatility is the definition of the Acqua Duo after all, the product has electric heating and is compatible with solar heaters and other heating systems. The bathroom with shower, Jet is adjustable and concentrated, leaning in the desired direction, while the shower provides a more Jet spacer, through a large proportion spreader.

The product has electronic command, which allows gradual and precise choice of temperature. To select between shower or shower, simply rotate the Jet dial to the right or left. You can use the back rod, the reach of hands, to control the temperature or select the type of bath. Created to be the solution for every need, the Acqua Duo is ideal even in places with low water pressure, on the technology press plus, which ensures high performance jets under any circumstances. The resistance can be changed quickly and safely, as it is inserted into a unique cartridge.

Available in colors Black with chrome, white with chrome and white, the products can be harmonised with finishing in 2017 according to the Pantone color, the Greenery, a shade of yellowish green, which refers to the first days of spring.

The Acqua Duo was designed by the Design team Lorenzetti, recognized twice by the Brazilian House Museum Award (MCB), the most traditional design award of Brazil. Even the shower Acqua Storm and shower Acqua Star, Acqua line Ultra, were responsible for the achievement in 2015, on account of the unique concept employed in product design.

“When it comes to electric shower, the Lorenzetti has innovative DNA for decades. If the environment requires a sophisticated shower, slim shape and lightness in its forms and the heating is electric, the best option is the Acqua Ultra line. And if the family is in doubt between shower or shower, so choose if all can be met? The Acqua Duo Ultra is the solution for all applications, because it represents a design, versatility and sophistication, able to please everybody, “says Alexander Tambasco, marketing manager of Lorenzetti.

About Lorenzetti

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