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By | December 31, 2022

Maine is a Northeastern State of the United States. Its capital is Augusta. Located in News-England and overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, Maine is bordered to the southeast by New Hampshire and, to the east and west, Canada (provinces of New Brunswick and Quebec).

The internal, mountainous relief (the State constitutes the northern limit of Appalaches), culminates at the summit of Mount Katahdin (1 605 m) and narrowly dominates a coastal plain with the jagged coasts. Quaternary glaciers have in effect sculpted the region, today spread out from a multitude of lakes and rivers (Sainte-Cruz, Penobscot, Kennebec). The coastal plain is exposed to oceanic influences, while the interior of the land benefits from a continental climate.

The coastal plain is exposed to oceanic influences, while the interior of the land benefits from a continental climate. About 80 p. 100 of the State is covered by forests (conifers), and the local fauna counts numerous species: Virginia deer, impulse, black bear, beaver, lynx, loutre, mink moufette, and seal.

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Maine is a United States state in the north of the country. Maine borders Canada to the north and west and the Atlantic Ocean to the east. Over 90% of the area is covered by forest, especially pine. Hence the name Pine Tree State.

Thick forests and a wild coast

The entire northern line of Maine borders Canada. Large parts of the state are covered in forest. The Atlantic coast is a rough but contemplative area with a world-famous scenery along the rocky coasts. The combination of forests and the beautiful coast attracts many tourists.

The state is only very sparsely populated. Maine is the easternmost of all states. The strong influence of the last Ice Age can be seen in the Somes Sound fjord or the Bubble Rock formation. The region belongs to New England, a region that includes Maine as well as the states of Connecticut, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Vermont.

The Acadia National Park is the only national park in New England.

The national park includes some islands and the Somes Sound fjord. Most of the national park is on Mount Desert Island.

Contested Territory – On the border between the English and the French

The region around and in Maine was visited by Europeans relatively early. John Gabot toured the country as early as 1497 and laid the foundation for the later claims of the English.

The first European settlers, however, were French. From then on, Maine was a very competitive area between the English and the French.

After independence, Maine was only part of Massachusetts until it became a separate state in 1820.

Things to Do – The perfect place for an outdoor vacation in nature

The sparsely populated area and the beautiful landscape make Maine a perfect place for a nice outdoor vacation. In summer, the wide beaches offer a beach holiday that is not characterized by tropical palm trees. In contrast to the south, it is quite easy to find a deserted beach here that is not overrun by tourists.

The lakes and the coast offer great opportunities for fishing, paddling and sailing along the coast is possible. Large forest areas invite you to camp.

Nature not only attracts people. Rare and impressive animals can also be seen again and again. Rare bird species rest at the lakes, rivers and forest clearings attract moose. Whales can also be seen on the coast.

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