Male Jogger Pants:How to Use and Where to Buy?

Much in evidence in recent months, the male jogger pants is nothing more than your good old sweatpants that won a sports, keeping the air less casual, but with a more versatile and neat footprint, not that the Sweatshirt is no longer your raw material, however now he shares space with the denim, cotton , denim, wool, and even some synthetic fibers and technology.

Characteristics of the Male Jogger Pants

The one that draws the most attention are the cuffs with elastic bars slightly shorter than conventional pants, which accentuates the character completely random. But other elements can be observed without, however, being mandatory, as the knife pockets and waist wrapped by a cord and/or elastic bands.

The molds are usually comfortable, with room for movement of the legs, but it is not difficult to find joggers skinny or slim fit with spandex merged to cotton fabric to make it pliable and free movements. Also see many jogger pants with cut “carrots”, i.e., loose clothing from the waist to the knee and fair on the rest of the leg or even wider at the top and hook down the hammer “model”.

It is common to find joggers in Basic neutral colors like beige, ice, grey, Brown and sea Beaver, as well as in winter colors that encompass the wine, grape, olive oil, and vibrant colours more common in the summer where we can cite the bright red, sky blue and orange as examples. The popular prints are of the camouflaged, foliage in “tom sur tom” (coming hard this summer) and even small designs like the silhouette of birds, horses and dogs on dark background.

Variations – you’ll also see joggers with cargo style pockets, five pockets (as in traditional jeans) and details that resemble the biker pants as reinforcements in the knee, for example.

How to use the jogger pants?

Key Parts – for being a clearly casual clothes look like a weekend jogger pants men look great with simple pieces on top and can include basic t-shirts, casual shirts there, sweatshirts, polos, shirts discrete classics henley and races that can be overlaid by trucker jackets to jeans and blazers or lightweight cotton twill In addition to nylon jackets type “windbreaker”.

Shoes -feet options just don’t allow social shoes, because they wear tuxedos and fit jogger style, but on the other hand we have a good partnership between the piece and high-top sneakers, sports, casual, low, canvas, leather and nylon, as much as heavier footwear as desert boots, work boots and even boots. In the case of tennis the most advisable is to opt for use without socks, though some people use them, taking advantage of a colorful and fun striped pair. For the boots ideally elastic hide inside the barrel or, at least, does not leave the show.

Where to use this type of clothing?

As we have already said this is a very relaxed attire and little indicated for desktop or some more serious and formal occasion, on the other hand is a great choice for outdoor trips, a mall or a trip to a diner or bar, especially during the day.

See below commented examples of how to use the male jogger pants:

A good example of simplicity of looks with jogger: sneakers Vans type or Yacht and shirt henley white. Finish with good accessories and you’re ready to go.

… ….

For day trips in the park or a visit to the gym the jogger is a great option. In the second case you will not use it for exercise, but she meets the paper if you do not want to go out on the street with the same clothes you wear to work out and prefer to switch before.

Mix sports elements with the shirt a little more aligned is fully possible, since the pants just doing the middle ground with your style between chino and the sweatshirt. Use a single color and vary the tones also helps a lot, because it prevents the look from being too flashy.

Who wants something completely random and can opt for the sports model in grey sweatshirt with sweater or knit and sports shoes with retro appeal, just be careful with the sites that she will attend with this costume, some may even you spread on door to be relax too much.

The relaxed pants jogger gives space to release the creativity when it comes to Accessories. Suspenders purposefully fallen, one stamped CAP and some bracelets can be incorporated into the basic look with t-shirt and slip on shoes.

… ….

For Demi-season overlaps the t-shirt with a denim jacket, denim or even nylon and if she has any details that draw attention, but not flashy, better, look allows a few liberties. The same rule goes for the sneaker with strong colors.

… ….

You must be wondering about the rules for using socks. Well, know that here there’s not much rule. You may want to lengthen the barrel of tennis, then just choose socks in the same color as the shoes, or leaving them at shows, but with description, in this case you can choose a color similar to the pants or use something like neutral grey, just avoid white, always!

A fine example of how to use the jogger with boots. In most cases, for being fair, fits no barrel of footwear. The look is cool and makes it the most suitable for the winter, especially if it is like that of the photo that appears to be made of wool.

I couldn’t miss an example with the Belle of the ball, bass shoes white, appearing in a visual so simple that not even chance to many comments to not be about the overlapping shirt because it’s worth to use it like this: open and with the sleeves folded casually, it’s all about the vibe of this visual.

… ….

More inspirations for the male jogger pants in the photo gallery below, check out:

Where to buy:

As the play’s gaining space in the male wardrobe, and this is not so recent, there is at least a year it comes rising casual option with normcorefootprint, you can find it at young fashion stores that invest heavily in current trends such as Forever 21, Cotton On and Zara among others. Via internet, Renner and C & A are options.

Before you buy …

-Careful with the trim, if you have thick legs might not be a good idea to buy a model very fair or bulky pockets;

-Short and fat should avoid the charge and try to use as many items with colors close in look, so the effect of stretching the leaves the result more elegant silhouette. Ex: marine pants dark blue shirt;

-If you choose a skinny model check for spandex in the fabric, fiber allows more freedom of movement;

-If you’re buying your first model of this type is best to choose a neutral color and discretely, so it’s easier to combine and you will feel safer to use the piece.