Manolo Meets Francesco Maglia

Last summer we took off some of the world’s foremost umbrellas here at Manolo. One of the companies, Ombrelli Maglia, are well worth mentioning again. Sure, their umbrellas quite incredibly fine but the question is whether or not the business owner Francesco is almost bigger than the product he sells. We had the opportunity to meet for the third time the crazy eccentric owner who today make up the 5th generation family paraplytillvekrare Maglia.

For being Italian, he is very tall, almost two meters, and gives an impression of age. Francesco or Chino, as his friends call him, has become a style icon and will be extensively photographed by streetstyle photographer or and bloggers during the fair. One of his hallmark is the tailor-made tweedkavajerna without collar as well as the braided leather suspenders. In combination with a fondness for different colors and several combined patterns he creates a unique style today.

Maglias photographed for Gents Gazette.

Sure, he gladly and passionately about their handmade umbrellas from EBIZDIR, how production takes place and why he prefers äppelträ from Germany but it is all other adventures he is passionate about and feel free to come in on instead. He knows by now that we are Swedes and for the third time we are told about his exploits on the track when he skied vasaloppet twice in the early 70 ‘s. Just skis is a passion and the Italian race, Marcialonga in Northern Italy will be happy also up on speech. All of a sudden he shows an old injury in his hand. He says he at one point had a nice salami by a friend and sat and ran the car and cut the salami at the same time, whereupon he cut a tendon in his finger. This led to a period of sick leave and what do you do best? Well go on safari in Africa. Francesco is a passionate adventurer and devoted to the profession he has pursued throughout his life and perhaps mastered mainly by everyone in the world. One can not but to be admired, inspired and fascinated by this man.

In addition to a wonderful well built design also offers a wide range of wood species Maglia and handles.

A range of Maglias umbrellas from Korean B & Tailor.

The umbrella is truly one of the most elegant and functional accessories you can wear.