Medimurje County, Croatia

Medimurje County, Croatia

The Medimurje County becomes one region in the northernmost corner of the Republic of Croatia. According to businesscarriers, the name of the Medimurje County translates to mean intermediate mudurland or intermediate rivers mudflow region.

German Tourists and visitors bring the County of Medimurje also happy with the Murinseln in conjunction extending here. The whole landscape of the Murinsel is located in the center of the Medimurje County. The rivers Drau and Mur also flow through the region, literally frame it and provide a varied picture.

The area of ​​the Medimurje County also borders the neighboring countries of Slovenia and Hungary. So if you would like to experience other countries during a stay in the Republic of Croatia, this is the right place for you.

118,426 people have only 730 square kilometers of land available. But the landscapes are so temptingly beautiful that people like to get closer together here. The administrative seat of the Medimurje County is the city ​​of Cakovec, which is also a cultural and social center.

In total, the Medimurje County consists of 3 cities and 22 municipalities.

Life and Economy in Medimurje County

Most of the residents of Medimurje County make a living from industry or handicrafts. You also have good chances of finding a job in the trade, because the Medimurje County is also a real trade center for the entire region. Furthermore, the area is also often understood as the cultural headquarters. Education, progress and science, taking cultural and social aspects into account, play a major role here.

It should not be forgotten that Medimurje County is one of the smaller counties in the Republic of Croatia, and yet it does so much.

The craft plays a very important role in the economic development and the entire history of Medimurje County. A craft center developed here very early on. Although a very large part of the county’s residents work in the development of handicrafts, many are also active in agriculture. Often the children who now work as adults in the craft areas have taken over the farm from their parents or grandparents. Or you can earn extra income as a helper on farms.

As a result, the population of the Medimurje County can provide themselves with food and agricultural products from their own resources and resources and is also an economic location.

Various types of wheat and potatoes are predominantly grown in agriculture. In addition, there has been a lively interest in fruit growing recently, which is now steadily increasing here. Above all, one would like the cultivation of apples to flourish. In addition, cattle are farmed and the existing milk production is exhausted. They are constantly investing here, although the industry is also on the upswing.

The industrial sector is mainly occupied by the construction, textile and metal industries. The usual tourism can be found in the mountainous regions of Medimurje County. Here you can spend a vacation on the farm, visit the typical regional gastronomic locations and relax in the vineyards.

Incidentally, these wines are part of the country’s renowned wine varieties, which also receive great international recognition. As a visitor to the area, you can of course taste and buy a bottle or two. So the Medimurje County knows how to make perfect use of all of its elements.

Medimurje County, Croatia