Meizu MX4 Sounds in Two Versions, The ‘Pro’ in 2K Resolution

Not long ago the Meizu MX3 came to china, and already are the first rumors about his successor. Or rather, their successors. And it is that the Chinese manufacturer could be thinking of bring two variants of the Meizu MX4, one in five regular inches of high-end this year and another on the edge of the phablet, 5.5 inch.

It would be in the practice of two ranges differentiated primarily by their display. We have already seen some terminals that are uploaded to the 2K resolution, which also called Quad HD, although many still walk in the path of the unofficial (as the S5 Galaxy), and Meizu could do the same, but only in the model of 5.5 inch.

Thus, the 5-inch model would be in Full HD, 1920 x 1080 format. This would be called MX4, being the version of higher resolution which carry the surname ‘Pro’, in appearance 15:9 that characterizes to the brand, of 2560 x 1,536 in 5.4 or 5.5 inch.

Although the ‘pata negra’ model processor is unknown (although it could be the recently presented 805 Snapdragon or Tegra 5), the most basic would be one of the new MediaTek’s 8-core processors.

Finally, refers to incorporating a camera type Lytro, with selectable focus to photo taken, without knowing still more details.