My FavoritesWhen summer rain falls

I’m such a fucking zany type who refuses to gripe to me about the weather. I also don’t bother fret me over the summer rain, for it does not alter the weather. And as one of my girlfriends says, you are ugly to fret.

when it rains in the summer, I see it as a welcome opportunity to lie on the couch and watch the series with a clear conscience. Of course, it is not always an option, and that is why I have of course an arsenal of clothes and accessories that can get me dry through summer rain.

As a starting point, I have a small selection of umbrellas, which for the most part keeps me dry on the trip from A to B on a rainy day.

even though they are not particularly reliable, when rain is combined with blown, I always buy cheap umbrellas usually with H & M, which often have umbrellas with the finest print. So I have a little different to choose from, and it is no great disaster, when I once again forget to get my umbrella with home.

Umbrella, 69.95 + shipping, H & M

My raincoat is from Two Danes bought for a couple of seasons ago.

I am very pleased with this raincoat, since it has a drawstring at the waist which can help to highlight my forms. And then there’s the also quite handy with hood and the big pockets.

Maybe there are several print in the physical stores, but this is the only model in Two Danes webshop. But it is also very good with the classic combination of black and white.

Raincoat, up to size XL, 999 USD + shipping, Two Danes
Click here for dealer locator in physical stores

rain cover
When I’m going to ride in the rain, I find my rain cover forward. So I have my full freedom of movement, and in fact it is so large that it also can cover the bag in the bike basket. Rain cover is also my favorite when I need to keep me dry on a festival. I can have my bag under the rain cover. The same applies to the glass of draught beer, which then avoids being diluted in the rain.

My Raincover is purchased in an open-air business, as you probably also have a of in your city.

Rubber boots
The worst thing about rain is for me to get your feet wet. I have two pairs of rubber boots: Are few short and a pair of long. I have really not special preferences in relation to, when I use which.

Long rubber boots, up to size 47, ca. 780 USD + shipping, Hunter
Short rubber boots, up to size 43, 499 USD + shipping, Seeland with CC hunting and fishing

this year, I had the short model on to the Copenhell, since I think they long simply provides my lower leg claustrophobia, when it is hot – View Momme and rubber boots on the festival here