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By | December 31, 2022

A member state of the United States of America. Located on the western bank of the middle course of the Mississippi River, it covers an area of ​​180 487 km2 and has a population of 5,742,800 residents (2004).

Missouri is constituted, in its southern part, by the Ozark mountains, level summit culminating at 540 m of altitude (Taum Sauk Mountain) that form a tray deeply carved by the Missouri and its tributaries. The south-eastern end of the state extends to the Mississippi floodplain. The north of the state consists of plains lined with glacial deposits, a legacy of quaternary glaciations. The main rivers are the Mississippi, Missouri and its tributary, the Osage.

Mississippi forms the eastern border of the state, Missouri the north-western border. The state has numerous artificial lakes. Great is the lake at Ozark, over Osage. The climate is continental. The state is regularly beaten by tornades. The forests (oak, PIN, cedar and cypress), which cover 28 p. 100 of the territory, are located mainly on the Ozark massif and in the valleys.

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Missouri is a US state and belongs to the midwest of the country. The capital is Jefferson City, named after Thomas Jefferson the third American president. The state is crossed by both the Missouri and Mississippi rivers.

Today’s Missouri was bought from France by the USA together with today’s Louisiana in the so-called Louisiana Purchase. In the American Civil War between the Northern and Southern states, Missouri was an important border area. The citizens divided into sympathizers for the Northern and Southern states and there were always bloody skirmishes. The unrest, some of which ended in massacres, depopulated large stretches of land and made parts of Missouri a natural landscape again for years.

In recent times, Missouri’s history has been shaped primarily by demographic and economic change. Many cities like St. Louis had to slowly adapt to the new conditions. The agricultural sector became weaker and weaker over time, so much building land became available in the surrounding areas of the cities. People moved from the cities to the surrounding area and the so-called suburbs (suburbs) formed.

In the United States, Missouri is best known for its loose laws related to alcohol and tobacco. In contrast to other states, the consumption of alcohol was never prohibited here. Many of the laws that are common in other parts of the United States are still missing today. For example, it is allowed to drink in public and the sale of alcohol is more relaxed.

Nature – national parks like sand on the sea

Many areas of Missouri are still sparsely populated, giving nature the best chance to thrive the way we love it: all naturally. Many national and state parks are dedicated to the unique landscape with its rivers and hills.

The Roaring River State Park is located south of the state and is known for its trout. Fishing is a popular activity for local residents and holidaymakers alike, and there are plenty of places to do it.

The Elephant Rocks State Park in the east of the country is known for its excellent opportunities for hiking and climbing. Various unique rock formations dominate the landscape and transport the visitor to a world before humans.

Public Libraries in Missouri by County