Momme: for party in tight-fitting lace dress

by | October 8, 2016

Good so, I admit. I sank a second time, when I threw the first glance in the mirror after taking lace dress on. It is in fact the most revealing dress, I have ever had on.

Not because it shows much skin, is very short or transparent. But because it sits on. All the way to. From head to knees and all the way around the belly and ass. There is no way to camouflage anything.

Lace dress, up to size 54/56 (also available in black and comes in gray in the course of week 45), 499.95 USD + shipping, Zizzi

Yes, I am advocating that we should highlight rather than conceal our bodies. Yes, I was also in love with Rebel Wilson’s look, since a few weeks ago showed her in tight-fitting lace gowns.

but it was still cross-border to see myself in a piece of clothing that not only emphasizes the bust and waist but also stomach and ass.

Gi ’ the new one chancke
While I stood and tripped in front of the mirror, I came to think of the time in high school, where we were a bunch of girlfriends on shopping sprees. There we got for the first time lured our trouser-girl by a friend in a dress. We tittered loudly when we saw her in the dress, because it was so overwhelming to watch her in anything other than pants. But there was no doubt that she looked damn good in the dress.

That it dawned on me that the reason I hesitated in relation to the dress, not because I was so stupid out in the. I hesitated, quite simply, because it was completely new for me to see my body in a tight-fitting dress that highlights it all.

Go ’ ass and go ’ fest
I am glad that I hesitated and not only pulled the dress off again. For it gave me time to turn around and look at my ass. It is a part of my body, as I do not have any special relationship with – until now. Because when I saw my ass in the tight fitting dress went for the first time it dawned on me that I have a nice ass, and I am delighted to show off to winter parties.

alternative to full lace
If you think it’s too much of a good thing to jump in a tight-fitting dress, you don’t miss the season’s hot lace. Instead, you can let the material be part of your party dress.

Dress with lace sleeves, up to size 54/56, 599.95 USD + shipping, Zizzi

Has she shapewear on, thinking you might. The answer is Yes. When I looked at the lace dress, I was not at all in doubt that it would benefit from being aided by a game of spandex, who can hold together the whole thing and get the dress to slide better on the body. That is why I have this case on underneath the dress:

Shapewearkjole, come on an ongoing basis on the Web shop in different sizes. (Alternatively look for your size in your local Zizzi-store) up to size XL, 549.95 USD + shipping, Zizzi

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