Mostar Travel Guide

Mostar Travel Guide

War-torn Mostar is a fascinating holiday destination in Bosnia. Traces of war are still visible in beautiful Mostar. For travelers, Mostar is one of the most fascinating destinations in the Balkans. According to iTypeJob, Sarajevo  is the capital city of Bosnia and Herzegovina.


The barren Mostar is known for its Stari Most bridge. However, this center of the Herzegovina region has more to offer the tourist.

The hospitable Mostar delights

The war has left its mark on Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Mostar’s Old Town as well as the iconic Stari Most Bridge were bombed in the early 1990s, but both have since been restored. Bullet holes and dilapidated buildings are the rugged contrast to the site’s stunning nature.

The charming Mostar is located in turquoise blue along the sparkling Neretva River. Many visitors to Sarajevo or Dubrovnik make a day trip to Mostar, but the city has plenty to see for several days.

The Turkish-style Old Town, the numerous Cups and restaurants, and the hiking opportunities outside the city make Mostar a great destination for families, couples and solo travelers alike.

Amazingly hospitable locals welcome tourists with open arms and are ready to polish the many dusty perceptions of the city.

Mostar’s old town glows in the evening light.

The city is pampered in spring and autumn

Mostar’s climate is Mediterranean, so summers are hot and dry, and winters are cool. In June-July, temperatures easily rise closer to forty degrees, making city vacations a hassle.

The best time to travel to the city is in spring and autumn, when the city is warm but not suppressively hot. This is also calmer for tourists. Winters in Bosnia and Herzegovina are snowy, so the possibility of winter tourism should not be ruled out.

The historic city is worth experiencing

A day in Mostar is easily spent admiring the Turkish houses of the old town, the jumps of the ferocious heads of the Star Most bridge and the postcard-like Neretva River. You should also sit on one of the city’s numerous terraces to enjoy the Bosnian coffee known for its strength and watch the locals go by.

There are also several impressive churches and mosques in the city, and museums such as the Herzegovina Museum are well worth a visit. However, the historic city itself offers a magnificent setting that rivals many museums. The best way to get the most out of the city’s history is on a guided walking tour.

Great destination for the budget traveler

The country’s currency must be exchanged for the markka (KM), which is pegged to the euro. Two local marks correspond to one euro. In Mostar, however, the euro and Croatian municipalities are also doing quite well.

The affordable price level in Mostar delights the tourist, and makes wasting almost impossible. Local delicacies like bureks and cevaps come off for a few euros, and even the finest restaurant dinner doesn’t make a big notch in your wallet.

Mostar’s old town glows in the evening light

Safe despite the traces of war

Many have reservations about the countries of the former Yugoslavia and remember Bosnia-Herzegovina mainly from the Bosnian war. However, the tourist does not have to worry as the country is quite safe.

However, it is not advisable to go out on your own outside urban or uninhabited areas, as there are still unexploded ordnance and munitions in the country. Common sense should also be kept in mind when studying decay-romantic old buildings, as there is a risk of collapse.



Kravice Waterfalls are located only 40 km from Mostar.

Via Sarajevo to Mostar

Mostar has its own airport, but the easiest way to get to the city from Finland is to fly to Sarajevo. There are no direct flights to either city, but you can get to Sarajevo from Helsinki with one stopover. From Sarajevo to Mostar, you can travel by bus, which costs about ten euros.

Stay cheaply in private accommodation

Accommodation in Mostar is affordable. A high-quality hotel room with breakfast is available at a very competitive price compared to Western Europe, but it is also worth trying the popular private accommodation in the Balkans.

The rooms offered by the locals at home are very affordable and homely at best, but you should be prepared for the fact that the level of the rooms varies greatly. If there is a common language with the local host, it is a good idea to give them time for their stories and tips.

Familiar with the city on foot

Getting around Mostar is effortless and easy on foot to explore the city. Due to slippery cobblestones, it is advisable to choose low shoes that also have grip.

If you want to study the city environment in more detail, taxis and buses are cheap. You can also rent a car for day trips.



The Neretva River flows through Bosnia.

Stari Most

The most famous landmark in Mostar is the Ottoman-style Stari Most Bridge. The light-colored bridge stretches over the turquoise Neretva River in a beautiful arch. The bridge was originally built as early as the 16th century, but was bombarded in 1993 during the Balkan War.

Today, the bridge is even better, as it was restored and opened to the public in 2004. Stari Most means “old bridge,” which is therefore not entirely true today. The beautiful bridge is also considered a symbol of peace.

Next to the bridge , you can witness how the local ferocious heads measure each other by making ferocious-looking swimming jumps from the bridge in return for donations. The bridge is also a protected UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Old Town

In addition to admiring the architecture, you can shop for gifts in the Turkish-style old town. Numerous stalls can be found in the stalls, typical souvenirs of which include local handicrafts, jewelery and copper utensils.

The cobbled streets of the old town are worth a visit both during the day and at dusk. In the evening, the terraces of the restaurants are filled with people and music, and the atmosphere is more bustling than during daylight hours.

Kravice waterfalls

Only 40 km from Mostar are the magnificent waterfalls of Kravice. The lush surroundings of the waterfalls and the turquoise waters create a fabulous atmosphere, making this a local favorite on a sunny summer day. The water of the waterfalls is surprisingly cool, so a dip in the waterfalls is sure to refresh the tourist escaping the heat.

Guided tours of the waterfalls can be arranged, but you can also enjoy the rental car. However, it is worth noting that maps of the area may not be quite up to date, and local traffic and the road network are best suited for the experienced driver.



Traces of the war appear equally in the buildings of Mostar.

The best day trip destinations from Mostar

1.Kravice Waterfalls
2. Blagaj Village
3. Pilgrimage Site Medjugorje
4. Dubrovnik

Taste at least these in Mostar

2. Burek
3. Bosnian coffee