Exercise: use the right sportswear instead of loose robes

five years ago I began to exercise more or less regularly. It was a great effort and a great upheaval, not least because, I had always seen myself as such, there is no such something with sports mettle.

one of the truly great hurdles in the beginning was to find out what clothes, I had to take exercise in. Until then, i was in my previous failed trials udi exercise just pulled in a few joggingbukser, which I also used cotton as “nice pants” and an old, loose t-shirt.

I never thought that I should get to show me publicly in a pair of tight running pants. But I did, and it helped make my health project a success. For it is not no matter what kind of clothing you take on when you need to move you – not at all if you are thick.

Therefore do the right clothes a difference
All people start sweating when they exercise. It goes without saying that if you’re thick, you sweat like it extra, because you need to move around for miles, and perhaps even is in bad shape. It was I, when I threw myself into my project, so I quickly discovered how nice it was with trousers that are not clumped together between the thighs when I ran, and how liberating it was to my through sweated t-shirt not felt clammy against skin.

but first I had to find the infamous clothing, and it was not just the mere right to do. I came to me in one of Copenhagen’s leading shops with equipment and immediately found out that all their Womens sizes not walked up to my size 50. I ended up in the mens Department, where I found a couple of running tights, a t-shirt and a jacket from Nike all in size XL.

strækken for the tight clothes overcame
The first time I pulled in my gym clothes and went outside the door, I felt like a Bayonne style! I had the most desire to hurry me back and put me somewhat loose-fitting clothes that hid my body, but I pray it in me and set me against the Frederiksberg garden. Here I got a bit of a revelation. Order shown there was lots of whiskers, agile people who ran like Gazelles, but there were also many like me by God with thick thighs and car tyres, which forced paths in classic Rhinoceros style. This is said with great fondness, for the nasal Horn is actually a capable and fast runs, which comes on the back of most. And regardless of the form and running style, we were all members of the same club – “Club for those of us who runs”. I got lots of friendly nod and smile, for they could damn well see that I was not in my familiar element, and they just thought I was tough for whatsoever to do that. So I scratched on, and with time, I was really happy to move me – in tight clothing that enhances freedom of movement rather than in loose clothes that inhibits me.

My Gym clothes I have always used the same clothes for all forms of exercise, and it works fine for me. I’ve three t-shirts, two pairs of long tights and a few short. And then I have some compression stockings, I use, when I run. I also have a lightweight running jacket that a master model from Nike in size XL, which I use, when I run out, and there is småkoldt or fan. I almost always ends up taking the of and tie it on the stomach, when I will be warm, but it is nice to have, not least to afterwards, so I do not get cold on the return journey.

Nike is a relatively expensive brand, and I have since found out that the cheap brands are just as good for my needs. You only need one t-shirt, one pair one pair of tights and stockings to begin with, it must nevertheless be washed after each training session, otherwise it will stink of goat. You can just wash it on a quick wash and let it hang dry, because it dries quickly, and tumble dry toils needlessly on the.


A sports bra And yes, it has to be a decidedly sports bra. When you get such a on, you’ll understand why. Because when you run or jump wearing a sports bra on, move your breasts themselves largely does not, and it is the effect we want. For those of us with big tits can indeed become a real nuisance to take exercise without the right BRA, and it will also be much easier to exercise when there is, so to speak, track of cases.
On the webshop Wonder sport can you buy sports-bra ’ is up to an L-Cup

a t-shirt in quick drying material It can for example be this model from the Stadium, which goes up to size XXXL in mens sizes and size 50 in women’s sizes, 99 USD for two PCs. + shipping.
The only difference between women’s and men’s models is that mens models goes straight up and down, while women’s models are sewn into the waist, and then Lord models also usually longer. I was very happy at the beginning, where it was very unfamiliar and cross-border for me to show me publicly in tight, black lycratights.
Eventually, I don’t care when I learned that all people look moronic out in tights, regardless of whether they are thick or thin. I found out that it is nicer with a t-shirt, sitting above a, one can swim around in order to hide the models.

a pair of tights
They must also be in quick drying material and with the leash in life, such as these from the Stadium, which is available up to size XXL, 249 USD + shipping.
The cord keeps the pants, where they should be, and you can extend the life of the pants a little when the rubber band becomes loose. I’m glad tights with a small pocket with zipper in the back, so I can have my key, my dankort etc.


Sports stockings without seam that rodent in hot feet
I use compression stockings, because it stimulates the blood flow and facilitates the “heavy legs”. They are also good to use if you need to fly a long way.
For example, you can buy them here

a pair of athletic shoes
I am not talking about the 20-year-old sneakers, you have used to paint in, but on a couple of new, well sprung sports shoes, which secures you against getting hurt at the knees. It’s a bit of an investment, but it is an investment that you will be happy in the long run. The right shoes are especially important if you have to go out to run. Regardless of height, breadth and fitness level, we all have our own running style, and you run the risk of harming yourself really ugly if you run into the wrong shoes. I would advise you to buy your running shoes in a store that has a treadmill, as they test your running style at.