Moto X Sales Disappoint: 500,000 Units Sold in The Last Three Months

Was called to be one of the most desired mobile but at the end of all the expectation was a smartphone aimed at United States with personalization as main virtue. We’re talking, of course, the Motorola Moto x.

Wall Street Journal has published sales figures in three months of life of the new flagship of Motorola. 500,000 units sold know little taking into account that Google and the American manufacturer had big plans with this terminal.

Best options for the same price

Customization, as we said, it was his main virtue. Everything is said: access to it was limited because it was an operator AT & T. exclusive Since yesterday, it is already available in other large companies such as Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile.

Also It has lowered its price, their $200 – contract – were quite high. But if we take into account by that figure we had terminals with more cutting-edge technical specifications as Samsung Galaxy S4 or the LG G2. Now you can get for only $99.

We’ll see if the price drop helps to improve those numbers, but we must not forget that within little Motorola will launch a new terminal to market that seeks to position itself with the price also: Moto G.