Motorola Confirms That The Wood Casing for Moto X Are Just around The Corner

When the Motorola Moto X terminal was born there was a detail that is not overlooked. We talked about wood that hinted the company housing. As we all know Moto X is a highly customizable Since the user can choose the colors of the same among a large collection via motorcycle Maker, however, and to the surprise of many it was not possible to choose the new wooden shell.

However the company has just launched a teaser via Twitter that reveals that the wood version is almost ready.

Motorola has left the following message on Twitter together with the image that opens the article, in what seems to be a pattern Moto X cutout on a wooden board:

Put this DIY project on hold. Trust us.our site/DUQroC5CIT

— Motorola Mobility (@Motorola) December 15, 2013

For those who do not know English, the message says let side that project of crafts and you believe them. Thus they suggest that wood version will be available soon in motorcycle Maker, the website where you can Customize your terminal to then ask.

There are still unknowns about the price that will have the extra of the wood in the terminal, evil tongues talk about $50 extra, something that doesn’t make much sense if we consider the value of the smartphone.