Motorola Will Respect The Warranty for All Those Developers Who Unlocked The Bootloader

It is logical that companies try to heal in health with the guarantees of their devices, however, until now, when a person buys a version Developers Edition any Terminal and want to unlock the bootloader to load at boot any software other than the original of Motorola completely invalidating the warranty Terminal. Even if you fail, for example, charging Jack or the minijack phone that nothing have to do with the bootloader.

Motorola has decided to respect the guarantee to these users and not only that, but that any user that already takes place once the process of freeing the bootloader will return to enjoy the warranty that suits you. Rectify is wise.

So a replacement of the terminal may be required where there is any kind of problem in warranty even with the unlocked bootloader.

So once again to grant the benefits of the warranty to the developers and He has published images of factory for terminals Moto X of (GSM), Moto X (Verizon) and Motorola Droid Maxx’s (Verizon). This form may be returned to the location of origin these terminals software.

These are good news for all the scene that there are about Motorola smartphones and congratulated Motorola enter reason in this regard.