Motorola X Phone Would Come in November to Premiering The Qualcomm Snapdragon 800

by | April 11, 2017

Motorola X Phone is going to be one of the smartphones of 2013, that no, doubt us even though at the moment, around the new device created in collaboration between Motorola and Google all are rumors and speculation.

The latest leaks that move by the network corroborate what already Larry Page said months ago on a terminal that would be “indestructible”, because apparently the new Phone X will count with a front covered with Sapphire Crystal, a Crystal used, for example, in most high-end watches or cameras of military vehicles riflescopes.

Refers to a screen of 4.8 inches which would obviously be FullHD, but its technology is not specified. In addition, the Phone X would be encouraged by a processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 to 2 GHz, and its battery would be generous with one 4000 mAh capacity prepared to hold an autonomy extended without need to live close to a charger.

If this seems little to you, terminal chassis seems that it could be tough and rubbery corners have to absorb impacts, and the rear would be made of carbon fiber.

X Phone, other resistant high range that we could soon know

Not to speak of certifications, although with the Sony Xperia Z in sight the new Motorola device would also be resistant to water, shock and dust. No doubt superior strength that always had been forgotten in high range, a specification that is appreciated in devices of high prices.

The source indicates also that the launch is scheduled for November, with long time then to give the market turns, although at the moment nothing official.

Not expected any truthful information before Google I/O 2013 in may, an event that Engadget will be present for the first time and this year presents full, and although Surely you will not see the presentation of the new Phone X, It is likely that any information be revealed.