New Xuxa Costumes include Short Dresses and Less Boots

Xuxa Meneghel reveals that it was difficult to make changes to his ‘TV Xuxa’ costumes after directing

Xuxa Meneghel(48) is full of news on her show, TV Xuxa,on Globo, as more interviews and external matters. But the big highlight was even because of the blonde’s costumes. The artist had to put aside her boots,which were her great passion for years, and adhere to shorter looks.

“People were talking about the style of clothing, which was much heavier. It was a request from the General Direction and[Roberto] Talma,who said that I had to put my legs and shoulder out and I did not feel good about it. For me to change the costumes was very difficult for me. I love my closed coats, my boots, but since I started putting my legs out, people have been tanned,”said the Queen of Basses.

Director Roberto Talma also explained the change.”It’s not putting your leg out, it’s being accessible as a human being on Earth. A pair of legs like this, you will agree that you can not hide.” is also closer to the audience due to the new stage format. “That was something I missed so much in the old setting. Today, I have to be careful because what they give me is an enormity. I end up hearing stories from them and interacting with them. I chat with them in the breaks. This is looser too,”he finished.