Not Android Is So Fragmented as People Think, According to Localytics

by | July 3, 2017

Android fragmentation, that hackneyed. There are those who see it as Elop, a problem for others as Schmidt is a point of differentiation. Opinions in favor or against the truth is that when talking about fragmentation, we have to stick to the data that are showing if it exists or not that division of versions between users.

According to the data of Localytics, a company dedicated to the analytical, 73% of users Android Gingerbread are used. These data are collected in all applications that use the company’s program to make statistics. Within this percentage, we have users of all kinds, from those who have 2.3 to dry until those who have the latest update.

Behind Gingerbread we have Froyo, which represents a share of 23%. In this way, these two versions of the operating system would represent 96% of the market, a fact useful for developers.

The company’s metrics are also encouraged to create a prototype mid device. In the case of the smartphone the screen would be 4.3 inch in 62% of users and the tablets are seven inches which reign: 74%.

Localytics data are quite interesting and at the same time very optimistic. However, we must be cautious and take the figures carefully. First, we assume that the statistics have been developed with information from applications, on a voluntary basis, they collect this information.

If we compare this sample with which to catch Google, the number of active devices, we see that the metric of Mountain View is much reliable. In fact, while Localytics confronts Gingerbread with a 74% Google places it in a 55.5% as of today. A fact that incidentally is not so bad.

If we add 55.5% of Google with 30.4% froyo we see that the figure is closer to the Localytics data although the difference is still 10%. In any case, what if that seems certain is that the majority, and with difference, are Gingerbread and Froyo as a whole.