O Watch, the Playful Smartwatch Created By a Child of 9 Years!

by | May 2, 2017

Omkar Govil-Nair, a young American Indian old nine, presented O Watch, the smartwatch he created for children at the Maker make of San Mateo event this month.

Omkar has created and built a Smart Watch to help children to learn programming, design and 3D printing. His dad, Shubha Govil, is Senior Manager at Cisco, the multinational specialized in technology, and takes his son to the Maker Faire its 4 years.

The Maker Faire, Supplying of Idea

Difficult to translate into french the term maker movement, think of it as scholars handymen who form a community connected through the Internet. They organize events for several years already, the Maker Faires, to there show off their skills.

More than 1300 makers thus went to the 11e edition of the event in San Francisco Bay, which with its smartwatch Omkar created by his care.

The Maker Faire makers do not hesitate to describe the event as ” the greatest show in the world .” » :

The Maker Faire is a friendly inventions, creativity, ingenuity and famous the Maker movement.

According to a report by insidewatch, Omkar project would have sprouted two years ago, after having crossed paths with a certain Quin Etnyre, young entrepreneur for 12 years with his own teaching of coding project.

Big fan of the Maker, the little boy fair goes there every year since that parents allow it. The opportunity for him to discover a world of technologies and projects in action. This is how he discovered the platform open source Arduino…

The Genesis of the O Watch Watch

After having started with small projects that met with some success, he wanted to share what he had the chance to learn with other children, and teach them to carry out their own projects with Arduino, a microcontroller that can be programmed.

His father Shubha expressed the idea of his son to Cisco, which gave birth to “DevNet Kids”, a program that teaches programming via Arduino children of other Cisco employees.

But it’s finally at the Maker Fair that Omkar unveiled its O Watch, the smart watch that has emerged through the Kickstarter crowdfunding site whose campaign was launched last year. Approximately 200 watches have already been sold to a little over $ 100 per piece.

The 9 year old boy wanted a Apple Watch its six years, but his parents refused, suggesting him to create one himself. And that’s what he did.

His father is full of praise on his son:

Omkar has always been interested in technology. He has always wanted to see how things work and with new ideas. First taped to his computer, he then wanted to see what was inside. […] We, as parents, to support him so that his projects are emerging.

The young boy is now its own CEO, listening to half his parents and remaining attached to his own choices.

Last year, Ed Tech Magazine (an American Journal) reported that, although the democratisation of 3D printing is still only in its infancy, it has already changed the field of education by allowing students to turn their dreams into reality, as was the case with Omkar: the young designer had actually used this printing 3D technology to give life to the O Watch.

As for the watch either: O Watch can be used to play games, calculate values, detect the room temperature, measure the altitude and air pressure. Useful for family rides, says its creator.

In addition to his smartwatch, the young American Indian already thinking further: he developed a console game idea that children could program, that he was thinking to present to the next Maker Faire.