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By | January 1, 2023

Oklahoma is a member state of the United States of America. Located in the Southwest of the Great Plains region, it covers an area of ​​173 320 km2 and has a population of 3,541,800 (2004).

It borders the states of Colorado and Kansas in the north, Missouri in the northeast, Arkansas in the east, Texas in the south and west and New Mexico in the northwest. The capital is Oklahoma City which, in April 1993, was the scene of a terrorist attack on the federal Alfred P. Murrah building. The alleged author of this act, Timothy McVeigh, was later sentenced to death.

The essential part of Oklahoma extends over a plains glacis, sloping to the east, slightly bumpy by gypsum hills. The northwestern part of the State is occupied by high plains, Piedmont of the Rocky mountains, culminating in 1 516 Mr. the eastern border of the State is constituted by a part of the massif of the Ozark mountains to the northeast and the Ouachita mountains to the southeast. The state’s main rivers are the Red, Arkansas and its tributaries, of which Cimarron. Oklahoma has large artificial dam lakes: Lake Eufaula, Lake Texoma or Lake Cherokees. The forest (parasol pines, elms, woods and peupliers) covers only 16 feet. 100 of the territory. The climate is continental type, drier and drier to the west. The State is, moreover, a regular victim of the cause of major soil erosion. The majority of Oklahoma’s population, which counts the country’s most important Indian community (252 089 Indians, or almost 8 p. 100 of the population), is concentrated in the eastern half of the state. The Cherokees, the Chickasaws, the Choctaws, the Creeks and the Seminoles are the main tribes.

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Oklahoma is a state in the United States in the midwest of the country. The name Oklahoma means something like “The land of the red man” in the native language and alludes to the red skin of the Indians. The capital of Oklahoma is Oklahoma City. The city is in the center of the state.

Displaced People, Homelanders, and New Homes in the Midwest – Oklahoma’s Story

In the early days of the United States, European settlers saw no value in what is now Oklahoma. The area was assigned to various Indian tribes in 1817. The Native Americans came from the eastern part of the young United States and were driven off by the new landowners there. In the period between 1817 and 1830, around 50,000 people were displaced to Oklahoma and met with indigenous people there.

The train of the displaced went down in US history as the Trail of Tears.

In order to preserve their territory for the Indians, the white settlers were forbidden to settle in this region from 1880 onwards. Nevertheless, people kept settling in this region, which after a while led to conflicts. In order to prevent the conflicts, the government also released areas for European settlers after a while. The nickname “Sooner State” came about before the land was released and many settlers founded villages and farms here. Like overnight there was a run on the country in Oklahoma and in no time Oklahoma City was created.

Oklahoma achieved a great deal of wealth and wealth in the 20th century. Oil and gas supplies were found that brought jobs and capital to the region.

In the 1930s, Oklahoma was badly affected by the so-called “Dust Bowl”. Due to poor and incorrect cultivation of the fields, there was severe soil erosion from wind and huge amounts of dust formed. The dust made people’s quality of life much worse and destroyed much of the harvest. Many people then moved to the west of the country. The migration mainly took place via the famous Route 66.

Oklahoma witnessed the worst US terrorist attack in the 1990s. In 1995, terrorists set off a bomb in Oklahoma near the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building. Over 100 people died in this attack and children were also affected.

Vacation in Oklahoma – nature experiences for beginners and advanced

Oklahoma consists largely of flat land and wide plains. In the east of the country, the landscape slowly turns into the highlands, wide limestone formations dominate the landscape. To the west are the Great Plains. Large areas that are mainly used by agriculture alternate with farms, small rivers and large reservoirs.

Chicksaw National Park was named after the indigenous people who were resettled here. The park is located in southern Oklahoma near Sulfur. The area includes many lakes, rivers and forests. Extensive hiking trails allow hikes on which you feel almost alone with nature. In addition to the breathtaking landscapes, the park also includes some historical places. Many museums and monuments tell the story of the region and the history of the people who lived here and are still alive today.

But not only this park is very popular with visitors. Oklahoma offers a number of parks, some of which have been created for people who are looking for a more comfortable experience of nature. For example, Sequoyah State Park contains a large golf course that is very popular with national and international visitors.

Public Libraries in Oklahoma by County