Osijek-Baranja County, Croatia

Osijek-Baranja County, Croatia

According to a2zgov, the east of Croatia is not only known for its beautiful landscapes and natural areas, but also the heart of Osijek-Baranja County. This extends over the eastern part of the republic and encloses the entire north-east area of ​​the Slavonia region. The city of Osijek is the center of the Osijek-Baranja County. Because the entire area that belongs to the county is around them . This is where all threads come together and so it is only natural that cultural life and the social center also take place here in Obsijek.

Osijek-Baranja County is also on the Drava. This flows through the landscape of the Baranja and is partly with its flat banks a popular destination for bathers in summer. People like to fish, grill and end the day here.

In addition, it is not very far from the Osijek-Baranja County to Hungary, because the region borders directly on the neighboring country. So ideal for an excursion, during a stay. The Serbian province of Vojvodina can also be visited on a day trip. The region borders on the Osijek-Baranja County in the south and is a popular destination not only for international tourists from all over the world, but also for Croatian visitors themselves. If you want to take the chance and visit the areas, you have to travel to the north of the Osijek-Baranja County to reach Hungary. To get to Serbia, a tour to the east of the region is necessary.

Culture and Society in Osijek-Baranja County

Around 330,506 people live on a total area of ​​4,149 square kilometers. The city ​​of Osijek was appointed as the administrative seat. The Osijek-Baranja County is divided into 35 municipalities and 7 cities.

Very different cultures and groups of people from different ethnic groups live together in Osijek-Baranja County. The Croatians themselves make up the largest share with 83.89 percent. This is followed by the Serbs, their number due to the return migration now increases again after the end of the war. Currently there are currently 8.73 percent Serbs who live in the Croatian Osijek-Baranja County. The neighboring country of Hungary sometimes attracted new citizens to the county. Around 3 percent of Hungarians currently live here. This is followed by Slovak, Roma and German immigrants, who together make up less than 2 percent of the total population of Osijek-Baranja County. Surprisingly, the remaining part of the population is made up of very different groups, which nevertheless only make up a minority. These include Albanians, Slovenes, Jews and also Bosniaks or Montenegrins.

This cultural mix often creates tension among the residents themselves, but by and large, Croatian culture benefits from the various influences.

In addition, the Osijek-Baranja County has developed into a center for education, science, art and culture. In addition, a good social structure has developed here, which has also significantly improved the information system.

The second source of income for the county is agriculture, which, due to the flat areas, has the best conditions for lush agriculture and cattle breeding. In addition, trade, construction and forestry are also very important to Osijek-Baranja County and the people who live here.

Osijek-Baranja County, Croatia