A New Mobile Life with Samsung DeX

Always I take a brainstorming with my coworkers (sometimes in distant ideas, I admit) asking constantly what is needed for our smart phones to become innovative, even more valuable and easier for everyone to use. In August 2014, one of these brainstorming sessions became urgent to question: “A smart phone can actually replace a desktop?”.… Read more »

A Look at the Extensive Range of Japanese Empire Citizen

The watch brand Citizen belongs to the Japanese company Citizen Holdings.Since its founding in 1918, Citizen has become the world’s largest watch and watch manufacturer.To the present Citizen shines with impressive innovations and elegant timepieces, which are very popular all over the world.The Citizen Watches are available for both men and women.The range is made… Read more »

Sony: the Xperiament

Sony phones of the Xperia series come with high score and is an integral part of the top 10 of our leaderboard. We will show you the mobile phones of the Japanese manufacturer, from the small Xperia Ninja up to XXL-Sumo.

Comment: Disappointment Over the Iphone 4s?

A reality check… What has been done in the past 15 months for a hype about the supposed iPhone 5-since display sizes of four inches and more were thrown into the room, NFC and other wonders.The no integrated coffee machine with the analysts was on the list of desirable features, is a miracle. 

Toys for Babies

The baby toy is not only fun, it also contributes to its development and stimulates the senses of sight, hearing and touch. With the approach of children’s day, many people are already looking for that cool gift to make the child radiant. Toy is always the option that pleases the little ones, are colorful, fun, often… Read more »

Vacheron Constantin Patrimony Traditional

The Vacheron Constantin Patrimony Traditional lady of white gold with dark blue alligator leather bracelet. Price: 23.600 euros. Vacheron Constantin is considered to be the oldest, continuously active watchmaker in the world and is nevertheless known only among connoisseurs. The ladies’ and men’s models of the Geneva manufactory are in classic style and made of fine materials. The Patrimony Traditional Dame,… Read more »

Halogen and Compact Fluorescent Vs. Led Lamps

LED bulbs are somewhat more expensive. However, in view of their low energy consumption and long life they pay for themselves quickly. On top of that, a green conscience is BB´s. So, or something like that, you can hear it or convinced LED fan. Stiftung Warentest wanted to know more and sent 9 LED bulbs, 9 compact fluorescent lamp… Read more »

Gifts that Please Any Woman

He/she hears puppies and filhotas!!! And there, they have to decide what to get for mom next Sunday or, as always, decided to leave everything to the last minute? Ehhh people … now there’s no escape, came the weekend of the run! The Hunch of Luxury is a mil por hora and continue in legs… Read more »

Carnival for the Wedding

Regardless of which car is used during the wedding, a very special role is assigned to it. With the decorated car either the bride goes to the church or the bridal couple to the town hall and then to the wedding celebration or the location. For most wedding couples a special wedding car is indispensable. It is just for… Read more »

Google Finally Launches Pixel C, Its First Android Tablet

Whoever accompanies TecMundo is already accustomed to the concept of a”Nexus” device. This is a Google device developed in collaboration with partners where the entire production process is done by these companies. However, it’s good to start getting used to the “Pixel” concept, in which the Search Giant assumes responsibility for the manufacture of the device… Read more »