Top with Bare Shoulders

For not too hot this season, here are three looks with a top to bare shoulders, star of summer 2015! Summer is finally settling, and temperatures follow. So it’s time out clothing for not too hot during the season holiday, ice and fans running at full speed!

Facts about Louis Vuitton

Hardcore fans of the most famous logos in the world? Do you know every bag, every finish and every man-women’s collection that was created by the design house? Well, we put to the test, with the game “Did you know”: 10 things you ( maybe) you do not know about Louis Vuitton!

Best Outfit to Wear in Summer

With the heat we are enduring and that coming during the month of August, just can not help but all that we can to breathe even just for a while’. So yes the air conditioning in the office and in the car but when we are in the open as we can find a bit ‘of… Read more »

Classic Duffle Coat

The duffle-coat is another one of these coats are told “classic.” For the p’tite story, I teach you nothing more than last year, it’s always the same and Linda who plays the teacher on page 2. The duffle-coat, we’re eating almost every year. So that’s very nice, but it’s not all repiocher, you have also to reinterpret. The… Read more »

Fashion Trends Spring Summer 2011

Fashion is never a complete revolution, proof is once more with new trends spring-summer 2011.What are the values of 2010 which will continue in the spring? Here is a small list of 15 items that you probably already have in your closet, or failing that, […] Fashion is never a complete revolution, proof is once… Read more »

Rose Pink Clothing

Life in pink, you see, you want it, you feel it? Get ready, she arrives. The spring-summer 2011 will be pink or it will not. Excuse us for the foreword a catchy bit but it’s hard my good woman to find a title fashion both eye-catching and speaking. And seeking a little (not much) we came across the name… Read more »

Wild West Fashion Trend

The western trend is coming at a gallop. Spring-summer 2011 fun with American codes. After the college girl dressing room and the hippie spirit of the 70’s, you’re going to play Cowboys and Indians this summer. But first, little intro music to accompany your reading. Finished the cowboys on one side and the Apaches on the other. In 2011, the western trend operates… Read more »

What to Wear in Humid Rainy Weather

Storms blow everywhere in France and we too often forget that summer heat rhyme with storms-or the vagaries of a subtropical climate. How to overcome this heresy weather, into speaking? 7 h 58. heaven is Norman, it looks like milk. Will the rain fall? P’ maybe yes, p’ têt ben No. Welcome to the grand slam of the look… Read more »

Football Fashion World Cup

Linda begins at the time of the (hard to Miss) World Cup to offer a Fashion worthy of a legend match Fight. The football World Cup is in the spotlight for this Fashion Fight special France/Brazil. The game that everyone expected, a p’ little taste of already seen certainly for the detail that this time,… Read more »

Interview with Young Fashion Designer

V.E.N.U.Z, it is the association of 5 young designers, who work in different areas. We find Laurianne and ZarZar you already know, and dealing with talent for the part “clothes”. Erika and her small tricks offers you ultra women’s bags. Looking for retail retro while keeping the practical forms, Erika invents glamourissimes models. Finally, Noumy and Vanz, specializing in jewelry. Since his laboratory… Read more »

Best Look for Holiday Party

When ads for My Mamour chocolates arrive on TV, when you get in our mail a whole catalog of toys, when you start to wonder if our toes won’t freeze and that we want all these bears hibernating until may, is that the year-end holidays arrive… In less than a month, Santa Claus will come to drop off… Read more »

Style Guide How to Travel Fashionably

Go on an adventure to discover the world, it’s a real dream but when it comes to adopt the look of circumstance, it can quickly turn into a nightmare, style adventurer being not exactly what makes us the most in value! Away from fashion magazines, the look of the globe-trotting must be comfortable, sometimes flirting with… Read more »

Joan Baez Fashion Style

Dry guitar against electric guitar, face to face, which is played in this new Fashion Fight if ad women and violent, but all music-do not push when, we’re not animals! Joan Jett the rockers glam pioneer faces more folk Joan Baez anti-establishment artists. Two singers rebel, each in their own way, gathered for a fight style and… Read more »