Party-battle: Classical vs. raw

by | October 1, 2016

When Ha and Momme goes to party, there is no danger that they show up in the same clothes. As usually choose Ha too classic, when she should be in the city, while the Momme goes more wild roads in an attempt to put distance to his everyday clothes.

I do not know how many times, I like younger bought formal wear in a State of near-panic. On Friday afternoon, feast in the evening – it is just shoppingopskriften of mis-selling. Mostly because I then came to buy something that in fact was not my style – but which in any case was festively.

now I’m finally – at the age of 41 years – by learning it: To stick to my usual style – also when it says party on the calendar. That is why my party look very classic, bordering on the


It has taken me a few years – and too many mis-selling – for me to figure out my style. I will easily fall in love with new trends and tendencies, but classic and elegant is so there, I feel at home. Also when I’m going to the party. I switch no style, just because it’s Friday or Saturday night – actually I think especially, it is important to dress me in my usual style to the party, because it makes me more comfortable. I’ve tried to go to a party in a ‘ sexy ‘ or themed look. Believe me, it was hideous, not to feel like myself.

Simple cuts that flattered the body
It does absolutely not that means black in black for that reason. For me it is primarily something classic look with simple cuts and decent materials. The substance shall fall heavily, and nothing must sit too tight or too short, but should on the contrary flattere my figure. It is, for me, the key elements of the classic, elegant style. I love that things look exclusive out — it is, in my view, a clear signal that I’ve done my best, and I want to show my hostess. And although I might just have decided me for an hour, as you may read in our ready-to-party-guide (opens in new window).

why it was also unfamiliar to me dragging the gray lurextop from Zizzi. Lurex has for me always hung together with the button so exclusive. But the cut had caught my eye, because I love the waterfall the carving. I think it fits well on my bosom, as will be highlighted, without seeming vulgar. But how would I – and my classic look – have it with the shimmering material?

Matt-Black buddy
Let me say it straight away, my fears were put to shame! Because the cut is so elegant and the fabric falls heavily, works the top really well – and especially the gray tint looks super luxurious addition. I have combined it with a simple black skirt, without frills and my beloved Christian Louboutin-stilettos. In fact, it is always a good rule of thumb – one exclusive item can lift an entire outfit. And often, I think that an outfit that is only from one designer may well seem a bit ideforladt

and impersonal.

With matte tights, mat skirt and simple makeup, get the fine blouse really allowed to beam – without that I came to like the diskokugle, I feared. Phew! One important note, if you also want to buy zizzi-blouse: Let’s now finally be buying it too big! Mine is a size M – and although I according to målskemaet should should have an L, was it too big for me.

Silver and gold – at the same time?
As you might notice, I have gold earrings on a blouse with silver glitter. In the old days there was a ‘ rule ‘ that it was not permitted to combine gold and Silver metallic because it supposedly stuck in opposite directions – but I do not think it is doing anything at all. It works, on the contrary, more modern and personally, I think.

Top (also available in black), up to size 54/56, 349.95 USD + shipping, Zizzi

Skirt, up to size 50/52, 129.95 USD + shipping, Zizzi – check out your local Zizzi-shop for alternative sizes

Alternative skirt high waist, up to size 54/56, 399.95 $. + shipping, Zay Clothing at Zizzi

Skirt, matching top, up to size 54/56, 299.95 USD + shipping, Zizzi

when it comes to my attire, I try to live by the following motto: everyday life can also be party. It means that I, with the exception of a few dresses that really requires a very special occasion, did not as such have any clothing that is reserved for the more common festive occasions.
That is why it is often a bit of a challenge for me to get ready for the party. For when I need to be in the city, I would really like to surpass my everyday-I, and it requires, therefore, that there is spanked on the look.

loyal readers will know that I am kæmpefan of leoprint. In conjunction with the above it can therefore not be the great surprise that it was love at first sight when I saw leojakken in Zizzis Christmas magazine (opens in new window).

love was confirmed when I got the jacket on for the first time. It is more easily in the material than I had imagined. Therefore, the true great and are very comfortable to wear.

’ n ’ Rock roll
– Wauw, you look like a genuine rock chic, said my husband with the love in his voice, when I showed him the picture accompanying this battle.

that is exactly the style that will be stressed by that combine the jacket with the black leggings with lædderlook panels at sides and top with print.

Here it was my turn to be surprised. While Kristine have feared to come to look like a diskokugle in lyrextoppen, I was afraid that I would feel silly in a look that I actually think is a characteristic of youthful to me at 42 years.

I also just started when saying a quiet dd, when I saw myself in the mirror. But it was quickly replaced by an enthusiastic boy. I felt instantly comfortable in the clothes, and I am looking forward so much to hold on to one of the Christmas lunches. Simply because I have just found me an outfit that differs markedly from the clothes, I go in to everyday life.

The super viable evening wear
Don’t worry. If the raw look not just you so I have subsequently tested the jacket over a quite classic black cocktail dress. It looks fantastic too. Thus, the jacket is very useful, for it makes it also good to pair of blue jeans, which gives it a more relaxed look.

And what leggings and top products it enough not long before they are sneaks into my everyday wardrobe. The black leggins is really good for a large sweater. and the top is really good during a long cardigan. And thus succeed me enough nor this time to throw a party and everyday clothing separated.

jacket up to size 54, $ 699.95., Zizzi

Leggings, up to size 54/56, $ 299.95. + shipping, Zizzi

Top, 199.95 DKK, check out your local Zizzi-store, find your nearest dealer here

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