PIN-Android at MWC: One of The More Curious Episodes of The Fira De Barcelona

by | July 18, 2017

Last week we chose as the protagonist of our section ‘The image of the week’ the PIN out for Android at MWC. Obviously, the prominence of the devices is unquestionable but these small metal pieces have also absorbed many looks. Since who not have been able to be with them not having assisted of those who sought them from almost stealthy.

Taking advantage of our trip to Barcelona I’d tell you how he was the experience of search and collect happy green Android pins. It all started as nonsense without too important, the objective was to get some other pin. In the end, after the fourth day we could see a face of the Mobile World Congress that both does not speak.

We arrived at the fair. They are nine o’clock in the morning and up to eleven have not the presentation of Asus which gives us time to make a small turn of recognition by the main stands. Our first visit: the stand of Android. We look at the map, locate your position in the stand 8 of the Fira de Barcelona and go there to see what you have set up and pass to get the first pin.

We went to the counter, asked by marras pins and a guy shows us how it all works. The 86 pins are distributed by all fair in the stands of the companies and manufacturers who collaborate with Android. I.e.: HTC, LG, Samsung… We received our first pin: our Green Android preferred with a clapperboard. The hunt has begun.

After seeing the stand of Android and take an ice-blended together with an Ice Cream Sandwich (are made from the same substance to dreams) headed to the technological safari of the various stands. Obviously, do not forget that we have come here to work hard for what we give priority to what I’ve been showing these days: videos, tests of terminals to tell you our first impressions, getting contacts… and of course ask for the lucky pins.

Some stands offer one or two pins without much problem. In others, on the other hand ask us do different tests (so not go begging without further) to get them. Normally they ask simple things like scan QR codes or download an app from the Android Market.

We continue our tour while we are going our pin hanging on the belt with the ID card. The time comes, we will place that Asus has reserved to present their new devices: the new tablets and the PadFone. Then we will return to continue working, and for more pines course.

After a few hours of the fair, we are seeing how the issue of pins. Each stand has two different models and even some change eventually pins as they come to them. Slowly in the first two days of the fair, we have managed to fatten our pin collection.

From here we begin to see quite curious things. On the one hand, we discovered that some models are highly sought (for example that of Android baby or rugby player). We see how even the hostesses of different stands are making the collection of pins to their respective heads.

To keep track of how many pins lack them people see some opt for bring a printed sheet While they are marked by them. Others take advantage to use the application that is available in the Android Market. Everything has a noventero air, when small we changed baseball cards, which makes it very interesting and very curious.

We see curious images, people with suit approaching the stands to ask for the PIN, Asians going crazy when they saw a model of pin had no. There are people who directly, was with a special album by placing pins “I’m starting the collection for the second time” hear you. It is clear that Google has managed to create a very successful campaign with these small metal objects.

The fourth and final day of the Mobile World Congress halls of different pavilions become a true chaos with blissful pins. Hundreds of people who look at your belt, looking for the pin that lack them to complete your collection. But in recent days some who already had other nitercambio as of the last day was spectacular.

Also belts, we were looking for some pin curious to complete the collection. We started to Exchange We have repeated, stewardesses (which also fall within the game) put us eyes to ask those who need and go, to see who is the handsome who says no to some of them.

Just fair. We take off the belt and began to count pins: one, two, three, four… thirty-three. Thirty-three pin around the neck in a belt of tuned fabric that does not have to envy nothing to M.A Baracus chains. One quantity of more than decent and also with some other repeated model to distribute among friends.

Who can deny something to these ladies?

As you can see, it is a somewhat different picture you have seen these days at the fair in Barcelona. Android has the note of color at the Mobile World Congress with the PIN, has made everyone let it well, which enjoy the search and for a moment we relax between the hours of work we have had during the four days that has lasted all this.

Possibly now more than one will be asking where to get the PIN out for Android. Officially at the moment it seems that nothing can get. Unofficially it is possible to get through stores online like eBay, forums, social networks, etc. The truth is that it would be good to be a little more accessible to the general public even if therefore he lost the air of exclusivity that gives them the get them only at the fair.