Plus thoughts in the wake of the Cover-gate

by | November 4, 2016

Cover-gate has filled much of my newsfeed on Facebook in recent days and subsequently also much in my thoughts.
Much can be said in the case, but where my thoughts have found whole ballad most interesting is that which have thin and thick in each their end of the sizing scale much in common.

It that struck me when I read my way through the first commentary to the image of the very thin model from fashion series in Cover, was that a large part of the angry people entirely without prejudice to the aforementioned model as a girl with eating disorder. It was simply taken for granted that because she was so thin, so she was also sick. My thought was that Yes gu ’, she is very thin, but none of us know whether she actually is sick. And seen in that light was there for me to talk about a 16-year-old girl who was involuntarily ended up as the butt of people’s prejudices: If you are extremely thin, are you also sick.

Quick judgment on the basis of prejudices
It’s the equivalent of me to the preconception that is widely used on thick women (probably about fat men) that we are unhappy because we are thick and only wish us one thing in life, and it is to lose us. And so we are, of course, thick, because we are lazy or lacks discipline.

And here we have representing each our point in thick/thin scale, one thing in common:
People are quick to judge us on the basis of prejudices.

I can, for good reason, not stand on the goal for the thin, but I may be helping to puncture myths about us thick. And therefore was one of the greatest pleasures when we launched Curves Ahead, getting airtime on national media to make it clear that thick is as diverse as any other sizes. Also among the thick ladies who have found it quite fine with their size and do not have plans to go on the


space for all carcases without prejudiced attack
In essence, it is a question for me that women regardless of size must be allowed to have it well with their bodies without being attacked by people who don’t have anything else to have their positions in than their prejudices.

Therefore I become happy, proud and humbled every time we here at Curves Ahead get an email or a comment from readers telling you that we have helped to strengthen their self-esteem and have a more positive view of their body. Every single comment makes big impression on me, but that is mainly a mail, I will never forget.

it started with a big caveats, Yes, almost an excuse for the sender meant saying that she does not really had anything to do in Curves Ahead, because she was a size 36. But she would just like to say that she liked to read with us, because our starting point is that women must have the well with the body, it is equipped with.

right now goes my thoughts to the 16-year-old Lululeika, who in recent days has gotten his body touted to be completely wrong. I hope there are good people in her life, who gives her a kiss and a hug.