Print trousers for thick thighs? Yes then!

by | March 17, 2017

it was with bated breath and beating heart, I recently donned me my first trousers with print. If there is anything we thick women have been told, it is that dark and solid color is best when it’s about pants. So I have since also – summer after summer – kept me to white linen trousers. But honestly it is that damn – neither much style or personality of.

Therefore I threw myself into it with print on the pants. And even on a model that sits a little to. I scoffed at them at Talbots ’ website – and was wild with circle pattern in navy and white. The first day I had them on with dark blue blouse and pink shoes – a perfect casual look, which I felt unexpectedly comfortable in-which is spot on in relation to the season’s trends. Yay!

I would also like to take them out on an evening – with my also newly purchased silk shirt (also from Talbots) and my good old simple pumps from Roberto del Carlo (purchased from Brown & Joel). The earrings are from Alexis Bittar.

so from here to sound a warm recommendation of trousers with print – just you remember these three golden rules:

1. combine

print trousers with a solid-colored top, so it’s pants, which has the lead role in your look.
2. make sure that you only match a thing with the pants – as in my set with blue top, but pink shoes. Otherwise it looks too planned out.
3. Is this your first trousers with print, then select a suit model, as you know, you’re comfortable in – so it feels more secure.

MY purchase:
Trousers in cotton, up to size 56, approximately 480 USD + shipping, Talbots
Knit blouse in silk and cotton, up to size 56, ca. 425 USD + shipping, Talbots
Silk shirt, up to size 56, approximately 480 USD + shipping, Talbots


pants up to size 50, approximately 535 USD + shipping, Booth
Knit in cotton, up to size 52, 199 DKK, Violeta by Mango
Silk blouse, up to size 56, ca. 585 USD + shipping, Talbots

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