Product Review: Samsung S8500 Wave-Part 2

The Bada-OS under the magnifying glass
The first part of my test report on the Samsung GT-S8500 Wave was mainly about the general face of the first Bada phone from Korean home. It is therefore time to look more closely at usability and functions. Even if the wave according to data sheet all possible features ready, the Samsung mobile phone is, of course, a smart phone. Therefore it should not be too complicated to make a call with the good piece. If you put the phone button into the dock, you have fast access to the keypad, the virtual keys are big, easy to hit and anyway the outgoing call with the “Touchwiz 3.0” (nasty tongues like to make the word touchwitz) none big challenge.
Even if I found nobody who has with me the promised seven hours of battery life in the 3G network, the 1500 mAh battery still leaves a good impression while making a phone call. After a two-hour call, which started with a full battery, the battery symbol showed more than two-thirds of the capacity. Exemplary! Also the voice quality can be heard: Pleasant sound and a good noise reduction make the Samsung a good phone.

It is easier for a smartphone without a keyboard when it comes to sending an SMS. However, the Samsung is also able to score points: thanks to fast input processing and the good software keyboard, which reminds me of the iPhone software keyboard, short messages or e-mails can be written well with the Wave. A bit annoying is that both the “send”, and the “back” button are arranged left and right down in the keyboard: so it is not unlikely that one can send the one or the other SMS due to the stupid positioning of the Button too early.

By the way, I have completely changed to the “over-the-air” synchronization via Google: My mobile phone must be able to synchronize Google Mail with push, Google Calendar and Google contacts via WiFi or UMTS. Here again, the Samsung collects points: After the short introduction of the server data, contacts, calendars and e-mails are found on the wave.

Once again, I was pleasantly surprised by the Wave book: First, all contacts – thanks to the high resolution-are already provided with a photo in the selection menu, through which you can navigate up and down. On the other hand, the TouchWiz surface features innovative touch-screen features: If you touch the finger on a contact to the right, the phone is called, while the left finger wipe is written to an SMS. Obviously, Cupertino is not the only developer to develop innovative fingerprinting solutions. Samsung has also apparently found capable developers: The Samsung Wave is really easy, fast and with lots of fun to use. No matter if this is the good and fast webkit browser, the FM radio or the media playback. Also in the Far East one has understood that it is much less to the hardware, but much more to the operation. And here the Wave really collects points and makes the user’s life easy.

But is that enough? Does not a smartphone in 2010 need to be more than a good phone with organizer function, media playback and browser? Because so far the Samsung is beating almost without great weaknesses. Until you open the app store called “Samsung Apps”. Even if Samsung has promised a lot of “Progrämchenchen”, there are hardly any applications in the Samsung App-Store. And certainly not a lot of people you could really interest. And if it does, there is usually a price next to it. In addition, practically nothing is Germanized and almost all the descriptions of the programs in English come from. However, if you have found something you like, the download process is quite simple and the program is immediately in the menu. But you will not spend a lot of time in the Bada-OS store. After all, there is not much to see.

Wow! That surprised me the Samsung Wave so positively, I had not expected. As pure smartphone without office applications, I would in any case an iPhone 3G and perhaps even the 3GS. It’s faster, has the more beautiful display and simply works in its own way thanks to speedy operation and good features really good. However, a smartphone has to be able to do more today: The Samsung Wave does not have a much too small program offer in the “Samsung Apps” store. It is precisely the small, most sophisticated programs that make the new generation of telephones into such versatile devices that can inspire you anew every day.If that does not matter, gets with the Samsung GT-S8500 a smartphone with a really good usability and much better technical basic data. According to Ablogtophone, this starts with a good camera, goes through wireless LAN to n standard, to Bluetooth 3.0 technology and the high-resolution, super AMOLED display. Keep it up, Samsung!