Russia Sights

Russia Sights

Due to its size and impressive history, the country of Russia has a huge number of different attractions to offer to its visitors.

The absolute Highlight Russia is likely the Kremlin. It is one of the sights that primarily demonstrate the power of Russia. The building was built in 1495 in Moscow by the Italian Architects Fioravanti, Ruffo and Solarie. The Kremlin is 2230 meters long and is surrounded by twenty meters high brick walls. The wall has four gates and nineteen towers.

There are three cathedrals inside the brick wall. These would be the Cathedral of the Assumption of Mary (Coronation Church), the Cathedral of the Annunciation (this is where the tsars of the country married and their children were baptized here too) and the Archangel Michael Cathedral, in which only mourning ceremonies took place. Visit thedressexplorer for Russia Religion.

The Kremlin is actually not a single building, but rather a complex. This consists of the large Kremlin Palace, the Armaments Chamber, the Council of Ministers and the former Presidium.

The Gum department store in Moscow is also well worth a visit. If you like to go shopping, this is the place for you, as there are many different shops here. The building was built in 1893 in the neo-old Russian fairy tale style.

It was nationalized by socialism in 1921 and only returned to private hands in 1993.

The fantastic interior of the building alone is worth a visit. The huge chandelier, the mirror glass, stucco, ornate bridges and walkways, as well as the fountain in the middle of the building make you feel like you are in a fairy tale.

You should also have seen the Petershof summer residence in Saint Petersburg. It is one of the oldest summer residences of the tsars. It was built in 1704 by order of Peter I. It was not until 1714 that the construction of the Russian Versailles could begin. The Tsar himself had designed the plans for this. But not only is the building impressive, the parks around it are absolutely fantastic.

Today there is only a duplicate of the Petershof, as the original was destroyed in the Second World War.

In Saint Petersburg you can also see the most important art collection in Russia, the Hermitage. It will truly be a paradise for tourists interested in art, as there are over 2.7 million exhibits to marvel at. All parts of the collection are exhibited in the halls of the Winter Palace. You can see not only Russian art there, but also important works by European artists.
The founder of the Hermitage was Peter I, for whom it was an important duty to promote art. He brought the first work by a European artist with him from his second trip to Europe.
Katharina II the Second was also heavily involved in expanding the collection. You can find art agents across Europe and interesting paintings.
By the end of the eighteenth century, through Katharina’s efforts, the Hermitage was one of the most important art collections in the world.

Other interesting sights in the country are the Bolshoy Theater in Moscow, the Pushkin Museum in Moscow, the collection of the Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow and also the Struvebogen.

But Russia does not only have a long list of different sacred buildings, museums or historical monuments to offer. There are also some interesting natural beauties in the country, such as B. Lake Baikal. The lake is considered to be the pearl of Siberia as it is home to a wide variety of species of fauna. Here alone there are more than 1500 different species of living creatures to be observed. The lake also has more than 544 tributaries, thirty islands and around 35 mineral springs.
The age of the lake is estimated to be more than twenty-five million years.

You should also have seen the Karelia. This is a remote, almost untouched landscape that is close to the Finnish border. If you are there, you should not miss Lake Ladoga and the Walaam islands. These islands are considered pilgrimage land, as Andrew the First Called is said to have lived here in the first century.

The natural beauties already mentioned are only a small selection of what Russia has to offer.

Kaliningrad in Russia

Kaliningrad is one Big cityin northwestern Russia and lies between Poland and Lithuania on the Baltic Sea. It is not only a very important traffic junction, but also a cultural and economic center. Kaliningrad was one until 1946GermanCity and was called Königsberg.

The present Kaliningrad area has been considered populated since 3000 BC. In 1231 the settled area was conquered by the Teutonic Order, which then began a seven hundred year history under German rule with the city name of Königsberg. In the period between 1310-1710, large parts of the population died of the plague and other epidemics. After the end of the Second World War, Koenigsberg was officially renamed Kaliningrad on July 4th, 1946.

More than 420,000 people live in Kaliningrad on around 223 square kilometers.

Sights of Kaliningrad
As this city can look back on a very long history, you will find interesting and worth seeing collections in its museums.

Museum of History and Art
In this museum you can discover a lot of interesting facts about the history and handicrafts of the city. Among the many impressive collections are parts of the Prussia collection.

Cathedral Museum
In current permanent exhibitions, you can learn a lot about the history of the Königsberg Cathedral and the Kneipenhofinsel.

Museum of the Oceans
The venerable research ship is anchored on the Pregelufer after its last voyage. It circled the globe for around 800,000 nautical miles and is now used as a museum. Inside the ship, the flora and fauna of the world’s oceans are presented. A Russian military submarine is anchored right next to the ship, and the exhibition provides a lot of interesting information about the country’s submarine fleet.

Lasch bunker
A museum is located in an underground command post from the Second World War. In the various rooms, miniature replicas, display boards and photos that remind of the last days of Königsberg are shown.

The Amber Museum
In this almost inconspicuous building lies a precious treasure, namely the multi-faceted amber. So you can look at the natural stone in the most diverse sizes, shades, the raw amber with unique inclusions and the most magnificent colors. Of course, on this visit to the museum you can learn a lot about the 35 million year old formation of amber from the resins of the conifers.

Kaliningrad Cathedral
It is the impressive landmark of the city. The cathedral was built between 1325-1330 in the Gothic style as a brick house.

Monument by Immanuel Kant
Probably the most famous resident of Kaliningrad, with a walking stick and frock coat, has stood as a statue on a pedestal since 1922. The memorial was created by Christian Daniel Rauch.

Zoo One of the oldest zoos in Russia is the Königsberg Zoo, which opened in 1896. There are some animal sculptures, a beautiful light fountain, the bear and lion outdoor enclosures, the sea animal house and the eagle aviaries that have been preserved from the pre-war period.

Kaliningrad Botanical Garden
This garden contains not only the native flora and fauna but also plants from other regions.

Russia Sights