How to lose those ugly was my dress two favorite dress

by | January 8, 2017

This dress was with great enthusiasm bought on a vacation to Barcelona a few years ago. It is in cotton, and it has a pattern that makes a happy-to-colors-Womens soft-hearted. It was love at first sight.

But in this case did love apparently blind, for the dress has not been outside the door, since it arrived in Denmark. Every time I’ve taken it on, has it been taken off again.

it was only when I tried it a aller last time to be absolutely sure that the dress no longer had to stay in my closet that it dawned on me, what is the reason that I have never been fond of the otherwise very fine dress.

do you have a guess at what is wrong answer comes under the picture.

it’s all about length. It is simply too long.

the dress must end at the narrowest place
We have already mentioned it many times: the length of your dress is essential to your overall look. Where the dress ends on your leg, is where people’s gaze is attracted. Why does it no good if your dress ends on the place where your leg is widest. It must end where your leg is at its narrowest.

that is exactly what this dress makes on me. Ends right where my lower leg is widest. At the same time such a nondescript length, it looks like that I have very, very short legs, which is not at all well when only 163 centimeters in height is equipped with and can’t go with high heels.

Forward with the sewing machine
Hooray I thought. The fikses can. And it can so easily, that I even fikses can do it. I found sewing machine forward and laid the dress 12.5 centimetres up to where my leg is at its narrowest just above the knee. And voila. Here is the result:

It is just like having gotten a new dress. The only difference from the first to the second billedede is that the dress has been put up.

Belt waist
Now the big question is whether it also needs to be taken a bit into the sidderne to be absolutely perfect. But I do not even dare to carry out the intervention. So I consulted my friend get into who is a trained tailor, the dress will be used with a belt around the waist.


Therefore you must remember your critical eye in relation to the length when you buy these garments. It acts as a starting point for getting to know your body, so you know where your legs is least, and thus where the length to end.

you need to have a tailor to put your clothes up, it may seem like an expensive printing, especially if the clothes you buy does not cost so much. But since the length can play a crucial role in whether you ultimately will be really happy for your new clothes, it can so be a good investment to get vehicle up.