Samsung Galaxy S4 Now Available on Pre-Booking at Amazon Spain

When Samsung ahead month and half the presentation of your new Samsung Galaxy S4, many do not understand the why shorten the commercial life of its previous logo, which was reduced to 10 months when still sold at a good pace.

However, now that release dates are going to know, us strange something less, then Samsung Galaxy S4 much will not come to your older brother, but that it will do so only a couple of weeks until it meets a year, responding the presentation advance to a media motion to cover their asses to the improvement of the competition and its staging much before.

The new flagship of Samsung smartphones already be booked on Amazon Spain, that in addition confirms us several of your release details, the date, the price and the model available.

Apparently, the availability of this will be subsequent to May 15, date which indicates the beginning of your submissions, and your introductory price is 699 euros, just below the psychological barrier of 700 euros. It should be recalled that Galaxy SIII came on May 29, 2012 at a price of about 640 euros which was discounted at 50 euros in a bid the day of release.

In addition, the sold model is specified as the Samsung Galaxy S4 with LTE connectivity and processor quad – core, that knowing the great advantage of Qualcomm with LTE connectivity integrated in their chips, it is likely this chipset a Snapdragon 600.

Analyzing more in detail, seems to us that the price of the terminal of Samsung is excessive watching the competition, because in addition to arrive later and does not offer anything new in terms of hardware, design and materials, options such as the Z Xperia or HTC One are even more economical.

Probably end up getting cheaper before launch, Although if it becomes the first stumble of Samsung we will see over time. Right now we are sure that many people will be waiting already to the new HTC or will be pulled literally poolside with the Xperia Z, so we’d like to have your opinion with all data.

Do you still liking the S4 Galaxy at this price and arriving in the middle of may?