Samsung Galaxy S5 Could Become The First Smartphone with 4 GB of RAM

The rumor that I discussed today is a logical step, but the urgency in opening the jar of essences of the hypothetical S5 Galaxy which should arrive next year still puzzles us a little.

We have already seen the possible Exynos chipset with 64-bit architecture to be mounted, and this change in architecture It wouldn’t make sense if the RAM does not exceed 3 GB, addressable limit of 32-bit processors that has already been achieved with the Galaxy Note 3.

Is for this reason that the latest rumors in Korea the S5 Galaxy is situated above all in terms of RAM memory, 4 GB would like ring finger to Samsung KNOX, the BYOD environment (“Bring your own devide”) that Samsung has designed to separate the personal from the business part of part a same Terminal.

It is early to talk about these things, but seeing that Samsung loves to fill their software with greater or lesser utility terminals, RAM memory is a scarce resource in Korean terminals.

In addition, we have already said, the 64-bit does not represent a clear improvement for the user beyond the memory addressability, so It could be expected that this early rumor has enough of truth, but for the S5 Galaxy, Yes to the next Galaxy Note that will come later.