See why in chose the tight-fitting cardigan

I jumped the other day in this for me fine dress, since it highlights my waistline and showing my bosom in a way that helps to emphasise my hourglass-shaped body.

Although I earlier in the season have liberated my upper arms, I was on my way out the door on a chilly morning and had therefore need to start the day with having a cardigan on.

since I am very kulskær, I grabbed for the cardigan in the closet, which is really nice to hide in when it’s not quite warm enough for bare arms.

I managed to look myself in the mirror again, before I left my apartment. Here I could see that the forms I earlier in the morning had been so glad see, suddenly was gone. They simply disappeared in this cardigan, there are lovely warm but also a little loose in fit.

in my closet, I have a … Yes, what should I call it a cross between a … and a traditional bolero cardigan. In contrast to my traditional cardigan is the map, and it sits close to the body without tight.

It was the one I took on. For just look here:

instead of to cover my forms highlight the whole lot and helps to prevent that I end up looking like a box, even though I have a dress on, that shows my curves.

And no, this is not equal to that of the traditional cardigan is never good for any type of attire. The do I use for example, when I have jeans bootcut with on that gives the illusion of a more broad lower body which creates balance with the more loose cardigan on the upper body. Here I will typically scarce a button or two just below the bust, as it helps to give shape to the Cardigan and at the same time highlighting my figure.

Steal the style

Cardigan, up to size 64, ca. 407 USD + shipping, Simply Be

dress up to size 50, ca. 355 USD + shipping, Dorothy Perkins

Black ballerina, up to size 40, 599 DKK, Ara with Zalando

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