See Pictures of a So-Called Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini

A few weeks before its release, when the Samsung Galaxy S4 still had not done its stellar appearance, speculated that the Galaxy S4 mini It may appear with a temporary delay of only one month, and that taking into account that the Galaxy SIII mini not so long ago that it was released.

Have today released images across the network of what is supposedly this phone, a smaller version of this terminal that would come to war, this time in the format of the 4.3 inch.

It would be a version that also under Android 4.2.2 and with the technical name of GT-i9190, being the mini SIII is GT-i8190, it would come with a processor dual-core at a frequency of 1.6 GHz, something more powerful than the Dual Core 1 GHz of the previous model.

Screen would be also reduced its resolution from the S4 Galaxy, although quite increased according to the size of the mini SIII, staying in a Super Amoled qHD (960x540p), which results in much lower resolution – that no small – 256 PPI.

The phone would come also with a variant in Dual SIM that Samsung already has something accustomed to Asian markets, although these are leaks with images of dubious quality you have to give fair credibility.

As always, perhaps a phone of this specification is not what we expect a terminal that uses that name. Many users encountered a problem in size would be willing to disburse the same that in the large if it offered more comparable characteristics.