Shop the banned mixes that have been trend

some of my favorite dresses, as I return to again and again is in color combination black and blue. It is a combination that has crept in on me over the past year, and I really do not know why it once was a combination that was on the list of colors, not put together.

These dresses I bought last year, so they are unfortunately no longer to grab

So Hooray for that mix of black and blue straight forward has been the trend. Therefore abounds in the shops just now with clothing in the beautiful combination in my opinion. Because I always lack of parts for both everyday and festive, I have fallen in love with me in cardigan and paillettop. But also the polka dot skirt and … well, the whole damn.

of parts, usually

Cardigan, up to size 52, 179 kr, VRS Jackie in the grocery store and Hypermarket

Sweater in cashmere, up to size 52, approx. 1200 USD + shipping, Marks & Spencer



parts Uppers with hearts, up to size 54, 699 DKK + any shipping, carmakoma

Sequins, up to size 56, ca. 187 USD + shipping, New Look Inspire

Skirt with Mix in jersey, up to size 54/56 129.95 + shipping, Zizzi,

Pencil skirt, up to size 60, ca. 205 USD + shipping, Simply Be

Mix also with
Black jeans for every body shape and rise

Skirt, Skirts up to size 56, ca. 310 KR., ASOS

Skirt with polka dots, up to size 50, ca. 550 USD + shipping, Booth

Blondtop Mix with, up to size 4XL, 129 USD + shipping, H & M

Top without sleeves, up to size 52, 299 USD + shipping, Violeta




Dress with beads, up to size 52/54 , $ 299.95., Justin rose

Dress with print, up to størrelse54, 549.95 kr, Bon’a Parte


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