Licentiousness-battle: Why we love every our silhouette

Ha and Momme do not agree on everything, we each have our favorite – for example, silhouette, when it comes to skirts. Check here, who you agree with, and see the finest, 1950 ’ is-inspired items, which you can get sewn to exactly your goals!

I have always loved full skirts. Whether it be in the form of a skirt or as a ‘ bottom ‘ on a dress. A full skirt camouflages my hips and accentuates my waist. Therefore I am always nice feminine in a full skirt. A full skirt saves me on a bad day, where I want to save myself a little without having to hide my entire body in a tent.

Saves any tøjkrise
It is also my rescue when I have tøjkrise prior to a party. For with a pair of high heels and an upper with deep neckline, a full skirt gives me the feeling of steamy sex, without that it will be too much. Full skirts are therefore safety net in my wardrobe. For they can rescue a each tøjkrise, because they are so easy to style.

How to use the full skirtet
A full skirt has the best effect when you put down in under bodice portion. There is much substance in a full skirt, which will be squashed into a misshapen bulge under bodice, which will make you look bigger than you are. Are you not much to tuck shirt into a dress with full skirt skirt is the perfect solution. For so hang the top and bottom together, and you get easily camouflaged the hips and waist highlighted.

Dress, ‘ Britt ‘, made to measure on request,
$ 3399., All About Curves
The dress here a one of my new favorite dresses of the – is just as it should be in my eyes. It is that it is tailored made to measure is a very special feeling – it makes that the waist is the right place, and the length is perfect for me. It rarely gets in ‘ stangtøj ‘. In addition, the dress has a solid, wide waist cincher featuring rigid seams that shape and stress my waist further.
The risk with strut skirts is that you can quickly come to look like someone who has been razed to the ground the nearest amateur theatre’s costume closet – or that one is on the way for a theme party. All of this depends on the amount of strut underneath the outer layer of fabric. Strut level in All About Curves ’ Britt-dress is right in the eye! A secret bonus is the little device under the straps where you can clasp your bra-strap firmly so that it cannot slip. It is really well thought out.

All About Curves – curve-friendly clothes stitched according to your goals
Both Natasha dress and Høeg pencilskirt is from All About Curves, a Danish tailoring, which is run by mother and daughter. They have fixed styles, which you can see on their website, and then I sew the to exactly your goals. You measure yourself, send them to Pia Labrador and her mother, both of which are custom-trained. Do you live near Lolland or Copenhagen, you can get a fitting – but in any case will be directed to the tool, so it will sit perfectly. PIA designer all styles that have a clear inspiration from 1950 ’ IES, who precisely is known as the stylistically curve-friendly decade. The quality is great – natural, real materials, you can throw in the washing machine.
The post is sponsored by All About Curves.

It is many years ago, I stopped believing in that broad hips partout must be stopped down in an a-line skirt. They can be fine, when it is the look you want. But why the heck the hips should not go in the second, just because they are wider than average? I’m crazy about pencilskirtet – to see just how it gives va-va-voom-forms! I mean, in my eyes it is just us plus size-women who have something to fill the proverbial pencil shape out with.

the important form
Pencilskirtet main feature is just the form – that it has room for buttocks and hips at the top, and then smaller toward the knæhaserne. It highlights your figure, rather than make you shapeless, like straight up and down-skirts can make. I think this model strikes a balance, because it sits at the waist and on the knees. In this way forms the skirt my body instead of my skirt will be shaped by my body.

Also to body-conscious days
Granted, it’s not all days, I feel in the mood to roll me out like Jessica Rabbit, and on the days I take a cardigan or blazer over the top. On the way I get a streamlined look – with capacity for self-conscious feelings.

How to use pencilskirtet
Try to imagine the above skirt with a loose blouse or shirt for – it would not work as well. Pencilskirtet is all about highlighting your body, then follow suit by putting your uppers down the skirt. Yes, you can can see your stomach, but it can be so also, when you have a loose top on. On this way you can only be sure that the stomach is the last thing people notice. Are you less fresh that day, you jump in pencilskirtet, then take a short cardigan over (not something to cover the hips, then smoking the whole idea in the skirt) and take a belt around the waist outside Cardigan. That way you still highlights your figure, but feel more at ease.
There is no doubt that pencilskirts look super out with pumps and stilettos to, but you can also easily give it a more street-inspired look with sneakers to.

Pencilskirt, ‘ Minnie ‘, made to measure on request, price on request, All About Curves
I love the big bow in the back. Finally, a design that highlights what many designers think, we’d hide – for gluteal. All who see me in the skirt here is totally excited about the 1950 ‘s-esque look ’ and Minnie Mouse-loop, which really is something special. It is a skirt that starts conversations – perfectly. It has double layer fabric over the abdomen, so there are teams on the proceedings and the coolest neonorange hanger straps inside. There’s really thought about the details – and so are the tailored exactly to my goals. Where luxury!