Sleepi – Create Your Own Alarm Clock with a Raspberry Pi

Interesting Projects Using Raspberry Pi (Part III)

Having a Raspberry Pi and a different idea is halfway to creating an interesting project.On the Internet many projects are based on this popular mini PC, and they make all the documentation/instructions available so that each of us can do the same thing.

After you have submitted the Wet Pi and LittleBox and PATOSS projects, today we will get to know the Sleepi project.

An alarm clock can be an excellent tool for the little ones when they insist on getting up earlier than the “normal”time (when parents still rest).But there is a trick ….The idea is to offer our puppies a real alarm clock so they can “regulate” and find out if it’s time to get up.

It was in this sense that the author of the blog Tycen decided to get down to work to create an original alarm clock, using a Raspberry Pi.Since young children may still not understand the numbers, the person in charge of this idea decided to implement in the alarm clock a traffic light style that has three programmed LEDs:

  • When the light is red it is a sign that it is not yet time to get up
  • When the light is green, it ‘s time to get up
  • Then there is a yellow light that acts as the presence light

In technical terms, the whole project is very simple with just a few “half dozen” instructions in the crontab, which indicate when the LEDs should turn on/off.


At the hardware level is also very simple.There is a board that allows the connection of the three LEDs, which in turn connects to a button that activates one of the LEDs when pressed.

They can also include in the project an LCD to present the information but, being the small children can be left the implementation of this component for a second phase.

These are yet another of the many simple and fantastic projects that we can find on the Internet and which are based on the popular Raspberry PI.Raspberry Pi is one of the most popular and powerful mini PCs that has served as the basis for many interesting projects.This mini credit card-sized device is capable of playing Blu-ray-quality video and rendering 3D graphics, among other tasks.

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